A Minimalist Office Guide

What is a Minimalist Office Layout Design?

A minimalist office  is one that avoids unnecessary clutter and concentrates solely on the essentials. This minimalist  approach to office space planning can create functional highly productive workplaces.

Chinese and Japanese cultures have long associated minimalism with happiness. To learn more about minimalist office layout design, keep reading!

Keep Your Corporate Office Layout Simple

The best approach for minimalist office space planning is to keep things simple. You should limit yourself to only what workplace office furniture is essential for your job. Unnecessary ornaments on your desk, for example, could easily distract you.

Always try to put things away as soon as you’re finished with them. Don’t leave things to be cleared up later. Workspaces that are clean and free of clutter will clear the mind, making way for new ideas and solutions.


A minimalist office furniture fit-out is usually characterised by light colours. These can fade into the background and look soft and airy. White, for example, can make a room appear bigger. Combining your commercial office furniture with a darker colour, meanwhile, will create contrast. Different shades of green and pastel colours often also work well.

A Minimalist Office Chair – Feel Supported and Comfortable

  • A modern, ergonomic chair will improve the comfort of your office layout design without disrupting your minimalist space. Such chairs can significantly reduce tension on your spine, improving your posture and preventing injuries.Our favourite chairs for a minimalist approach include:

young woman sitting on a minimalist office chair at work

Minimalist Office Desk – Improve Your Focus

Your desk will likely be your largest piece of corporate office furniture, so it’s important to get this decision right. Ergonomic, modular designs with unique shapes can make a room look modern and bright.  A minimalist desk setup can help to improve your focus without you becoming distracted by clutter.

We recommend:

modern white desk in minimalist office

Office Storage

Making sure your commercial office furniture has adequate storage will keep your office tidy. We have many storage solutions and can help you to find the right one for your own office furniture fit-out.

Here some high-quality storage options:

modular storage and shelving unit in sleek modern office

Incorporate Green and Art

Try to incorporate some plants or a piece of art into your corporate office layout. These items often help a workspace to feel calm and peaceful.


Lighting is another essential factor in any minimalist office. You should seek to get as much light into the room as possible. This will help the environment feel fresh, open, and spacious. When choosing lamps and other lighting fixtures, find minimalist designs that match the rest of your workplace office furniture.

A Second Monitor

You will notice a major difference in your productivity when you start using a second screen. Fortunately, this can still be incorporated into a minimalist scheme. We’d recommend that you chose an identical monitor to keep things in balance. A mismatch in size or style will spoil your whole look.

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Other Recommendations

Looking for more minimalist office layout design tips? Check out our further suggestions for commercial office furniture:


minimalist white boardroom table in glass office overlooking the coastline

BT Office Furniture

There’s no doubt that a well-organised, minimalist office layout design can improve both quality of life and workplace efficiency. If you’re interested in a minimalist office furniture fit-out for your own workplace, why not get in touch? Speak with our team by calling 0800 298 7033 or email us at [email protected].