Office Media Walls

Office Media Walls

Media walls are usually specified within boardrooms to incorporate televisions and AV equipment. Usually bespoke made to cover an entire wall and to incorporate storage.

Bespoke media walls

We have a wide range of office media walls, all of which have been designed to allow you to create the ultimate multi-functional boardroom or meeting environment.

Incorporating state of the art televisions and AV equipment, our bespoke office media walls can be used as a reception display system or AV media wall, creating an exciting focal point that can enhance your day-to-day business operations, engage your staff and visitors, and communicate key messaging.

For ultimate functionality, our office media walls have also been designed to incorporate unique storage solutions. They are available in a wide range of finishes including oak, cherry, ash, beech, maple, and mixed veneers.

Complete with a 5-year guarantee, our media walls are sure to become an exciting addition to any office environment.

Flexible, versatile and perfectly equipped to facilitate engaging communication opportunities, office media walls are a now a familiar site in premises up and down the country.

Thanks to advances in technology, media walls provide more opportunities than ever before, whether you’re hosting meetings, conferences or presentations to key stakeholders.

They can also be used to stream live broadcasts to ensure staff are always informed and engaged and increase efficiency and productivity across all areas of your business. Many video walls are used for collaboration purposes and are a great way to promote your brand through streaming exciting video content.

If you’re looking for meeting room display solutions, you’ve certainly landed in the right place! Explore our full range of office media walls today.


We also stock bespoke media units for offices, built to your specifications.