Office pod buying guide

Whether you’re in the process of redesigning your office, looking to optimise your available space, or having to adapt your office to meet social distancing rules, office pods are a great working solution.

Perfect for optimising privacy and limiting noise disruption, office pods offer a host of benefits in a wide range of office environments.

As businesses up and down the country prepare to welcome back their employees following a nationwide lockdown, the vast majority are having to make adjustments to their office spaces in order to adapt to a new way of working and adhere to social distancing guidelines.

Office pods are a great way to create independent working and chill zones that allow your workforce to social distance effectively.

Here’s our guide to everything you need to know about buying the right office pod for your workplace.

Freestanding office booth with glass sides

What is an office pod?

Pods are self-contained spaces where employees can work, chill, study and brainstorm away from the office floor, and free from any distractions. Due to their versatility, functionality and comfort, more businesses than ever are incorporating office pods into their offices.

Essentially a room within a room, office pods come in all different shapes, sizes, colours and styles, meaning you can pick a design that will complement and enhance your existing office landscape. Providing a quiet, private area for workers in a wide range of industries, office pods are simple to set up, easy to move around, and can accommodate all budgets.

What are the advantages of an office pod?

Found in many modern workplaces, office pods offer a number of benefits, including:

  • Maximising privacy
  • Tackling noise issues
  • Improving concentration and productivity
  • Lowering stress levels
  • Improving morale and wellbeing
  • Optimising confidentiality

Even better, the vast majority of office pods are affordable and simple to install.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the office pod options available.

Internal office pods

Internal office pods allow businesses to create new, dynamic working spaces without the need for construction work. From internal office pods through to acoustic pods that come complete with high quality modular systems, adapting your office space to meet your business needs and day to day operations has never been easier.

The majority of internal office pods can be installed quickly and easily, with minimum disruption to office life. Offering an exceptional level of versatility, privacy and acoustic performance, a pod can be positioned anywhere in the office and on any surface.

One of the main advantages of office pods is that they don’t require planning permission, making them a cost effective and simple solution for creating additional workspaces or meeting rooms. And, because they don’t generally require wall fixings, they can be moved easily and assembled in lots of different spaces.

Glass sided freestanding office booth with curved sides

Meeting pods

Whether you’re looking for two person pods, three to four person pods, or pods for five people or more, there are plenty of different designs, sizes and models to choose from.

Serving many different purposes, meeting pods are great way to enhance the functionality of your office, providing an inviting space for meetings, brainstorming or simply getting away from the desk for an hour or two for a change of scenery.

Offering exceptional flexibility, the majority of modern meeting pods come complete with connectivity, comfy seating, power outlets and lighting, all built in.

An acoustic meeting pod for 4 people

Acoustic office pods

Acoustic office pods are ideal for creating dedicated quiet zones where your workforce can conduct meetings, interviews, training sessions and conferences.

As no office space is the same, the acoustic screen panels can be linked together to create a single pod or expanded to incorporate multiple office pods.

Proven to give a 30db noise reduction, the panels utilise sound absorbing fabrics and come in a variety of different sizes.

Two acoustic meeting booths

Team pods

One of the main advantages of office pods is that they can be slotted into any space. They are also far more inviting and comfy than a traditional meeting pod.

An increasing number of businesses are using office pods to create attractive and functional team pods where teams are encouraged to work, socialise and meet together.

Great for creating a multi-purpose space, team pods can also be used to create a quiet refuge for a member of staff to work independently.

Curved office booth for multiple people

Office booths, phone booths and work hubs

Office privacy pods (also known as office booths, phone booths and work hubs) are great for creating private working booths for your workforce, where they can work, make phone calls and conduct video conferences in privacy. They are also ideal for limiting distractions and providing a base for independent working and learning.

Another advantage is that they can be easily relocated when required, making them an incredibly versatile working solution that can be adapted in response to your changing business needs.

An office phone booth

Why choose BT Office for your office pod?

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