Artiko Modular Sofa

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Artiko Modular Sofas was designed as a collection of slightly rounded elements that can be freely combined. Soft shapes and the lack of sharp edges allow for creating an unlimited number of fluid forms. Artiko generates a friendly atmosphere in the interior. It favours relaxations and rest, as well as social interactions. It can be arranged in a way to bring people together or designate niches for them. Artiko will be great for public interiors, such as lounge zones in offices, libraries, hotels or universities. At the same time, it will compliment waiting rooms and residential interiors just as well. According to the characteristics of the space, Artiko can be elegant and serious or colorful and funny-you decide.

Prices from £2537. Various configurations available. Please enquire
Modules to be freely configured
Soft and deep seat with springs allows for sitting in a comfortable position and relax for longer
The ability to freely configure the modules allows the sofa to fit into both small and large spaces
Double-sided configuration is ideal for large office or public interiors, separating or connecting different zones of the space
Optional tables added to the seat joints provide workspace
Optional electrical and charging sockets attached to the seat increase the functionality of the sofa
Simple and convenient assembly
Bulk order discount available, call for best prices
Designed for public interiors, offices and homes
5 Year Guarantee
Delivery 4 -6 weeks
Delivery 4 -6 weeks Free Delivery Included – Geographical Exclusions may apply
Installation Available – Please call for detail
ecycling of Packaging Available - Please call for details