What Office Desk Style Is Right For Me?

If you’re on the hunt for quality office desks, you’re in the right place. Read our guide to help you find the right commercial office desks for your business.

Desks for Businesses

At BT Office Furniture, we stock a wide range of corporate office desks, all designed to suit different needs. Knowing which to pick, however, can be tricky. From space-saving desks to multi-purpose desks, glass desks to executive desks, it can all be quite overwhelming. And that’s not even mentioning the variety of designs, finishes, and styles out there!

Our experts have rounded up their favourite choices for corporate desks for businesses below.

Modern Office Desks


modern reception desk in curvy orange design

Modern commercial office desks come in all shapes and sizes. Boasting clean lines, plenty of storage, and sleek designs, a modern office desk will look great in any working environment.

These desks are often open-plan bench desk systems. This makes them ideal for encouraging colleagues to collaborate and be more productive. Due to their minimalist designs, modern office desks can also create a feeling of space, which is often needed in many office environments.

However, due to their open-plan feel, a modern desk is not always appropriate for every situation. One thing they lack is privacy. It’s important to consider the culture you’re looking for before choosing a modern office desk or bench desk system.

Vintage/ Retro Desks

vintage office desk with small pull out drawer

If you’re looking to add a different and exciting dimension to your space, vintage corporate office desks are a great solution. These quality office desks offer the perfect opportunity to add character to any space. This type of corporate desk will work best in a vintage or retro-style home office, complementing your other furniture and décor.

Rustic Desks

rustic office desk made from natural wood

Rustic office desks are often made from reclaimed wood and finished with various stains. They’re perfect for adding warmth and style to any workspace. These desks for businesses are available in a variety of different styles and sizes. It’s important to note that if a rustic desk is made from solid wood, it’s likely to require ongoing maintenance to ensure the wood stays beautiful. A great modern alternative to a vintage desk, rustic desks can suit both modern and traditional working environments.

Industrial & Metal Desks

modern metal desk in sleek office environment

If you’re looking to achieve the New York loft look, industrial and metal desks are a great option! This type of commercial office desk is sturdy and boasts multi-functional designs to optimise productivity.

Metal desks are also incredibly durable, environmentally friendly, and low maintenance. They can be quite heavy though, so make sure they’re not being moved too often to prevent any damage to the floor.

Minimalist Desks

minimalist grey office desk with wooden legs

If you’re all about creating a clean and simple workspace, you should opt for a minimalist office desk.

Sleek and understated, this type of corporate office desk will give you clear space to think and be creative. Minimalist office desks are also incredibly stylish, often in crisp, clean colour palettes such as white, grey, and pale woods.

Minimalist desks can work and look great in both office and home workplaces. But remember, to remain looking stylish and uncluttered, you may need to invest in other storage solutions. This will keep any paperwork or hardware hidden out the way.

Writing Desks

wooden writing desk with black metal legs

If you’re looking for a comfortable and functional home working space to put your thoughts into words, a writing desk should be your first port of call.

Including plenty of storage space, writing desks are incredibly functional. Available in a wide range of sizes and styles, these quality office desks are perfect for writing or using your laptop. It’s worth keeping in mind that they usually have thin legs because they aren’t designed to take heavy loads. They also often have a small desktop so wouldn’t be ideal desks for multiple screens or lots of other hardware.

Floating Desks

modern floating office desks in natural wood

Floating desks attach to a wall and have no side supports or legs. This makes these commercial office desks a great way to save space and optimise productivity,

They’re ideal desks for smaller spaces where a larger or full desk would take up too much space and impose on the room. They are also a particularly good choice if you’re creating a home office in a flat or a smaller corner of your home.

However, it’s important to note that floating desks might not be suitable for heavy desktop computers. Remember to check if a floating desk has a load limit before purchasing.

Luxury Desks

luxury executive desk in dark wood finish in a luxury office


If your main priority is style, a luxury corporate desk could be the way to go. From designer desks to executive desks, luxury desks are ideal for creating a strong impression. Luxury desks are usually more expensive than other types of desks. That said, they are also made to the highest specification using the finest materials. This means they can last for many years.

Quality Office Desks From BT Office Furniture

At BT Office Furniture, we have a wide range of desks available that are perfect for use at home and at work. If you’re interested in bench desk systems or commercial office desks for your own workplace, why not get in touch? Speak with our team by calling 0800 298 7033 or email us at [email protected].