Conference Room Furniture Buying Guide

A conference room provides the ultimate setting to meet, collaborate and communicate. Many office spaces have a dedicated conference room that can be used for a diverse range of meetings. These include innovative brainstorming sessions, collaborative meetings, 1-2-1 sessions, presentations, pitches, and more.

With this in mind, it’s important to pay attention to your boardroom furniture. It needs to accommodate the varying demands of its different uses while looking the part too.

There are a host of factors to consider when choosing your conference room furniture. We’ve created a helpful guide outlining everything you need to know.

What Should You Consider Before Choosing Your Conference Room Furniture?

When choosing furniture for any room, you should consider the following:


The room you select should be spacious, functional and comfortable. So, measure this carefully and work out how to make the most of the available space. This will help you decide what furniture pieces, such as boardroom tables or conference room media cabinets, to go for later on.

Remember, if you’re working with an unusually shaped room, you might need to consider custom-built furniture. These are known as office furniture fit outs, and will help to ensure you get the most for your budget and requirements.

How Many People Will Be Using The Conference Room?


Rectangular charcoal-coloured meeting room table with five black office chairs lined against the far side and an open laptop

Consider how many people will be using the space and what facilities they will need. This will help you choose boardroom furniture that meets their likely needs. For example, do you need to prioritise a larger conference table over other furniture?

Remember not to overcrowd your room as people need space to move around freely.

What Will The Room Be Used For?

Today’s multi-purpose meeting rooms are used for a wide range of different purposes. Some will need a conference table and chairs, whereas others will need technical equipment for presentations, or audio and video conferencing.

A key step before buying your conference room furniture is to determine its use. How can you then enhance it with the latest state of the art technology?

How Do You Want It To Look?

Just because a space is functional, doesn’t mean that it can’t look great too! Boardroom furniture comes in all different shapes, sizes and designs. So, no matter the look and feel you are going for with your wider office space, there’s bound to be a solution that fits the exact style you need.

Conference Room Tables

Aerial view of a conference table graphic in a natural wood hue

If you’re looking for traditional boardroom tables or contemporary conference room furniture, we can help at BT Office. We have a range of functional and options that are perfect for a professional working environment.

Our wide selection includes popular choices, such as:

  • rectangular boardroom tables
  • circular tables
  • white conference tables
  • smaller meeting room tables
  • d-end tables
  • meeting room seating

Whether you’re looking for a space-saving table for meetings or you need a larger conference table, you won’t be short of options.

Conference Room Chairs


Four steel-framed mesh-back conference room chairs in a line, coloured orange, blue, yellow and green

Conference room chairs should be practical, comfortable and supportive. This is especially true if you are planning on using the room for training days, long conferences or group meetings.

As commercial office furniture suppliers, we have a great choice of conference room chairs that have been designed to offer comfort and style in equal measures. These are available in a wide variety of styles and finishes to suit any workplace.

If you need any recommendations on the most suitable chair types for your workplace area, we can help! To add a more luxurious touch, we recommend leather meeting chairs. For chairs that you can conveniently store away, opt for stackable chairs. Either way, you’re sure to find the ideal solution for your meeting space at BT Office Furniture.

Other options in the range include:

  • cantilever office chairs
  • mesh back meeting chairs
  • training room meeting chairs

What Else Does A Conference Room Need?

In a world like today, businesses will often find themselves needing a lot more than just a meeting room table and chairs. Workplaces have changed the way they collaborate and communicate, and they need the tools to support this.

When you’re transforming your conference space, you should use the following checklist to further enhance the functionality.

AV Equipment

As technology continues to evolve, the workplace is now smarter than ever before. Many businesses use AV equipment to communicate, as well as for presentations and conferences. The right conference room media cabinet can make all the difference and add a level of professionalism to any event.

Audio Visual equipment includes the following:

  • microphones
  • video display sounds
  • HDTV screens for smaller conferences
  • in-house lighting
  • in-house sound system
  • portable sound system
  • video cameras
  • two-way radios
  • projectors
  • screens

High-quality sound and visuals can help to focus your meeting and help you to deliver your messages in a clear, powerful and concise manner. Having a conference room media cabinet, meanwhile, ensures it all remains tidy.

Media Walls


Large conference room media cabinet in white gloss with eight storage cupboards


Media walls will allow you to create an all-encompassing centrepiece for your conference room. It captures the attention of your audience and allows you to easily display visual assets. You can get conference room media cabinets like these tailored to form inside and around the walls.

Video Conferencing

Businesses up and down the country have altered the way they engage with their workforce in a bid to social distance and keep people safe. As a result, video conferencing is now a common sight in many workplaces. Every meeting room should have this facility incorporated.

Conference Room Storage

Effective storage solutions will allow you to keep your working environment organised.

Conference storage options include:

Plants And Other Décor


Central contemporary office storage planter with six green plants in a line

As well as being practical, a conference room should also be welcoming and comfortable.

There are lots of ways to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your conference room furniture. For example, adding plants, artwork and other decorative items that will create a warm and inviting space.

You might also want to consider adding refreshment solutions. A coffee machine, water dispenser, or even a hot chocolate station will ensure your team and guests have an enjoyable experience.

Executive Conference Room Furniture

An executive conference room is used to host executive meetings, conference calls and events for employees. They’re also used for management discussions, board meetings and other major situations.

As well as being highly functional, executive meeting room furniture offers privacy in a formal business. These tend to be more exclusive than standard conference rooms as a result.

The term ‘executive’ will also mean they have a high spec design. This can include luxurious seating, quality materials, high-performance AV equipment and security.

Commercial Office Furniture Suppliers


If you’re looking for conference room furniture, or a complete office furniture fit out solution for your business, contact us. We have an extensive range of conference room tables, chairs, and other furniture for UK businesses at great prices. What’s more, all of our products come with free delivery and assembly! Browse our website today to see the full collections we have available and enquire via our online contact form.