Reception Modular Stools

Reception Modular Stools

Reception stools provide a flexible solution for your reception seating, enabling you to arrange, and rearrange them according to need. With a vast array of modern designs, finishes, and colours we have the right reception stools for any workplace.

Low modular stools are ideal for occasional seating or breakout areas. Available in a variety of fabrics or vinyls to provide colour and design elements to the office.

Modular Stools

Perfectly equipped to add function and style to any office space, our range of modular stools and reception stools will allow you to create dedicated spaces for meetings, brainstorming sessions, and creative working.

Incredibly versatile, our modular stools and reception stools can be arranged in a way that meets the needs of your working environment, and changed up to meet your daily requirements.

Available in a choice of modern designs, finishes, and colours, you’re sure to find the ultimate modular stool for your office.

For more options, view our modular office seating range.

All of our modular stools and reception stools have been designed to meet the demands of busy office life. They are available in a variety of fabrics and vinyl, meaning you can add style, colour and exciting design elements to the spaces you meet, work and collaborate in.

Perfectly equipped to complement and enhance your work setting, our range of reception stools include the Box Stool, Flashfire, Segment, Brick, Evolve Low Stool, Hoot Low Stool and more.

The Magic Stool in particular is a great example of out of the box design, offering a seating solution that is exciting, intriguing, and doubles up as an impactful focal point.

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