High Back Office Sofas

High Back Office Sofas

Why Choose a High Back Sofa?

High-back sofas are an ideal choice when you need an informal meeting or collaborative workspace for your office or reception area. With enhanced acoustic and visual privacy, high-back seating offers a significant improvement over ordinary office sofas. From single acoustic seating pods to wider sofas and booths, they can be adapted to any environment and need without sacrificing comfort.

At BT Office, our high-back sofas and acoustic seating are available in a wide choice of different materials and sizes. Plus, prices for our high-back seating include delivery, assembly, and installation throughout most of the UK.

Meet, relax, and collaborate

Our incredibly versatile high-backed sofas are perfect for providing an inviting space to meet, relax, and collaborate. We provide a great choice of stylish and functional high-back seating that will create an inviting and informal area in your reception or office.

As well as being available in a range of styles, colours, and finishes, these office sofas also offer an enhanced level of acoustic and visual privacy compared to other reception sofas. Our high-backed acoustic seating is incredibly functional and flexible, ideal for meeting areas, hotel lobbies, and other modern office environments.

Stackable, multi-purpose high-backed sofas are equipped to meet the many demands that come with a busy office setting. Our fantastic range of office sofas are available in both modern and traditional designs, all of which have been built to stand the test of time.

Our collection of high-back sofas and acoustic office furniture includes a variety of finishes and upholsteries including leather and fabric. We also offer contemporary colours to ensure your high-back seating makes a bold statement in your reception area or office workplace.

Much of our high-back seating is designed specifically to absorb echoes and reverberations. This helps to reduce noise throughout your office, not only improving privacy for meetings but also benefiting office well-being as a whole.

You can also combine our acoustic seating with our other acoustic office furniture to take this a step further. High-back sofas are the perfect solution for busy, open-plan offices where noise can travel and cause interruptions.

Explore our range of high back seating

Our range of high-backed sofas includes the Peak & Boo Single Booth, the Fifteen High Back Acoustic Seating, the Evo Plus High Sofa, the Alban High Back Sofa, and the Fence High Back Acoustic Seating. All have their own unique characteristics and features, allowing you to add personality and comfort to your working environment.