Acoustic Zoning

Acoustic Zoning

Acoustic zoning can be a highly effective solution for noisy workplaces in need of a little quiet. By sectioning off different areas with acoustic office furniture, it’s possible to create dedicated spaces that limit how much sound will carry. This can be ideal both for peaceful, independent work or for limiting any disruption caused by team meetings or creative sessions.

At BT Office, our acoustic zoning solutions for offices include everything from modular storage units to suspended walls and panels. This ensures that, no matter your requirements, all our acoustic office products serve a practical purpose while reducing sound. View our full range of acoustic zoning furniture and enquire today.

Advantages of Acoustic Zoning for Open Plan Offices

With open plan offices becoming increasingly popular, noise pollution is proving to be a significant distraction for many modern workplaces. Due to the nature of their layout, a meeting or discussion in an open-plan setting is likely to be heard by everyone, not only disrupting work but also raising issues of privacy.

With specially designed office acoustic solutions, however, it’s possible to minimise this noise pollution and create dedicated zones for lively discussions and meetings. Using sound-absorbing panels and modular partitions, employees will be able to focus on the work at hand without losing the advantages an open-plan office can deliver.

For that matter, sectioning off different areas of an office using acoustic zoning doesn’t need to be limited to team meetings. In offices where group collaboration is the norm, it can be more suitable to create dedicated quiet areas where employees can work without the distraction of others.

Using acoustic office products in this way can create a balanced workplace environment, allowing employees to choose the level of noise they are comfortable with. When the need arises to concentrate on a particular task, it’s a simple case of moving to a designated quiet area produced by any combination of acoustic office solutions.

With acoustic office solutions including storage units, panels, and room dividers, these dedicated zones can be reconfigured at any time and with minimal effort. This versatility allows for spaces to be transformed based on current needs, making them ideal for modern businesses whose requirements are liable to evolve from month to month.

Alternatively, for more a permanent acoustic zoning solution, consider a self-contained acoustic office pod. These offer all the same noise-reduction qualities of other acoustic office products but are presented as a single unit, fitting neatly into any office space while providing dedicated areas for meetings or quiet work.

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