Acoustic Office Telephone Booths

Acoustic Office Telephone Booths

Acoustic office telephone booths are often used in open-plan offices where staff need to make private phone calls or discuss confidential matters away from the desk. Their upholstered panels provide optimum privacy while also introducing an element of modern style. This ensures their status as the perfect solution for solution for office acousticsoffice acoustics in any workplace where phone calls are a part of daily life.

Our range of acoustic phone booths are available in a great choice of colours, styles, and finishes. Browse the full range below, or get in touch to discuss your specific requirements.

Premium Features and Privacy

Our free-standing office telephone booths make a great addition to any office environment. Each booth is expertly developed to improve noise reduction and designed to enhance both modern and traditional settings. Many of these acoustic phone booths feature ceiling tiles and air circulation. Whilst others come with integrated facilities for LED strip lighting.

This blend of style and functionality can significantly enhance the workplace. A reduction in levels of sound and distractions helps lead to increased productivity,  by ensuring a positive workspace right throughout the business.

Occupying minimal space, acoustic telephone booths are a practical solution for workplaces without dedicated private rooms. Their compact nature allows businesses to introduce confidential, soundproof areas even in constrained environments.

Similarly, the modular design of office telephone booths means they can be easily moved as space requirements evolve. This is a great method of improving space efficiency. Rather than undergoing expensive renovations to create permanent private spaces, companies can install an acoustic phone booth to meet immediate needs.

If you have any questions about our telephone booths, or are interested in our office space planning, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Otherwise, explore our full range of acoustic office solutions today!