Acoustic Office Pods and Booths

Acoustic Office Pods and Booths

Create an inclusive working environment

Office pods and cubicles allow you to create a room within a room without unnecessary and expensive construction work. Our selection of internal office pods and acoustic pods are high quality modular systems that are straightforward to assemble and expandable. Read our office pod buyers guide to find out more about these pods and which one may be right for your working environment.

Internal Office Pods

Our easy to install systems can be fitted cleanly and quickly. They offer a significant degree of privacy and acoustic performance is enhanced when the office pod is positioned on a carpeted surface.

The great thing about office pods is that they do not require planning permission, and therefore they are a cost effective and simple solution for creating additional workspaces or meeting rooms within the office. An office pod does not generally require wall fixings so they can be moved around your office workspace with minimal building and assembly disruption, meaning that they can become meeting cubicles for almost any occasion in a quick timeframe.

Acoustic office cubicles or privacy pods are a popular choice for creating ‘quiet zones’ within the office where people can conduct meetings, interviews, training sessions or conferences. The acoustic screen panels are linked together to create a single pod or expanded to incorporate multiple office pods.

Office booths, phone booths and work hubs, sometimes known as office privacy pods, provide an ideal acoustic environment for any office worker to make a phone or video conference call, conduct a meeting, or chat with colleagues. The upholstered acoustic office screens surround the user to reduce both incoming and outgoing sound. Like office pods, booths and hubs are easily relocated within the office as required.

Do you have an open plan office? Pods are an ideal way to reduce open plan office noise.