Free Standing Acoustic Screens

Free Standing Acoustic Screens

By using movable office screens you can create flexible rooms in an open plan area. Floor standing office screens are available in fabric, wood and glass and can be linked together to a required size.

If they are fitted with casters they can easily be moved to other parts of the office when needed. Movable designer office partitions can be fitted with acoustic ceiling panels to create a flexible room within a room.

Create a flexible workspace

At BT Office, we stock a wide range of stylish free-standing screens. These are the perfect solution for open-plan offices experiencing issues with acoustics. Or alternatively, link several screens together to form flexible workspaces that can be used for a variety of purposes.

Available in a choice of materials and sizes, browse our full selection of free-standing acoustic screens below.

One of the primary advantages of free-standing screens is their ability to improve office acoustics. Each screen acts as an individual sound barrier that absorbs and blocks out sound. This can be particularly beneficial to open-plan spaces that suffer from high levels of ambient noise.

Most screens are made from specialist materials designed specifically for their sound-absorbing qualities. Try placing a number of acoustic office screens around your workplace to reduce overall noise, or create dedicated areas for phone calls and group work.

Free-standing acoustic screens tend to be lightweight and easily movable. This ensures they can be shifted around to create flexible, dynamic workspaces with a minimum of effort. This in turn opens up the possibility for meetings, brainstorming sessions, and individual work zones all within a larger room. What’s more, all of this can be achieved without the need for permanent structural changes.

Are you unsure which acoustic office screen would best suit your own workspace? Check out our buying guide or take advantage of our space planning services to design your bespoke office environment from the ground up.

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