Office Breakout Furniture

Comfortable and collaborative seating

At BT Office Furniture we have a wide selection of contemporary breakout furniture. A well-designed employee breakout area is a common zone that can serve many purposes, providing a space for informal catch ups and meetings, from just grabbing a bite to eat at lunchtime to somewhere to meet and greet visitors; an area where employees can relax away from their usual work space, helping to relieve stress.

What is breakout furniture?

Breakout furniture refers to the seating and tables within a staff room, rest areas, canteen or similar space. Breakout tables and chairs can be used to create comfortable areas for staff to relax, work together and collaborate in comfort. A well designed and furnished break out area can be a great improvement for any workspace of office.

The benefits of breakout areas include:

  • providing a shared social space
  • allowing employees to spend time away from desks and still be productive
  • great for informal chats, 1-1s and similar
  • suitable for grabbing a bite to eat or drinking a cup of coffee
  • offering a great space to meet new customers of greet visitors

Giving employees casual areas to collaborate and brainstorm is crucial to their productivity and wellbeing. At BT Office Furniture we believe that breakout spaces are integral to any energised, creative workplace.

We have a great range of breakout tables and chairs, bistro seating and cafe chairs, food benches and more to choose from. With office furniture showrooms around the country, a team of experts and an office space planning service there is nothing holding you back in getting the best office breakout furniture from BT Office.