Top Tips for Maximizing Smaller Office Spaces

A small office layout is more challenging than a large one. Trying to keep employees comfortable in smaller office spaces can be a challenge. If you would like to make the most of a small office space, it is important that you use the right business office furniture!

As a commercial office furniture supplier, we are able to offer office furniture fit-outs for smaller office spaces as well as large. Below, we have put together some key tips on how best to maximize small office spaces.

Smart utilization of common areas

A key principle when office space planning is to endeavour to make each space serve more than one purpose. It’s especially important to make sure that any common areas are functional. Meeting rooms and breakout zones should double as a space for regular work in case employees feel like a need for change. Dining areas are great to use as collaborative meeting spaces.

Office Furniture Common Areas


The concept of not having a set desk, or hot-desking, is a growing trend in our office furniture fit-outs. This type of office space planning is particularly suited to small office spaces. For flexibility, avoid overlarge desks and chairs. If you just use a mobile phone and laptop, for example, a big desk can be redundant. In a smaller office space, there is often not enough room for separate private offices. However, booths and acoustic seating can help to increase privacy for all workers, even in an open-plan area.

Office Booth for Blog


Commercial office furniture storage solutions are vital in a small office space. It is important to choose office storage units that either match or contrast other office furniture. The right storage solution will help you create a unique and clutter-free office space. In your office furniture fit-out, look to include personal storage space such as lockers. This can be very useful for employees who don’t have a dedicated workstation. Drawer units (pedestals) have a small footprint, as they can fit under a desk, saving space. Another good solution is to install cupboards along corridor walls. This increases storage in areas that would otherwise include a lot of dead space. Room credenzas or bookcases can also provide good storage solutions. This type of business office furniture helps create a more aesthetically pleasing workplace.

Wall Storage

Often walls are not effectively utilized in office space planning. Wall storage is a great solution for freeing up floor space in your office. As a commercial office furniture supplier, we offer a flexible storage wall that’s perfect for hiding unwanted clutter in your office. Incorporating a storage wall into your office furniture fit-out keeps everything tucked away and tidy. Storage walls use a very small amount of floor space, making it an ideal component in any smaller office space planning design.

Storage Wall


Studies have shown that good lighting makes a considerable impact on how employees feel at work. Natural light, for example, can boost both productivity and sales. If you are planning an office furniture fit-out, always consider lighting. Lighting can make all the difference when it comes to employee wellbeing. A dark space, for example, could make workers feel tired and sluggish, even depressed. Try to maximize the use of natural light. If that isn’t possible, use LED overhead downlighting of tables, rather than floor lamps which take up unnecessary space. To get the greatest benefit from windows, consolidate desks around these naturally bright areas. If your space doesn’t have natural light, use LED lights, lamps and warm colours.

Office Furniture Lighting

Adaptable Furniture

It is important to use commercial office furniture in clever ways to make the most of the available floor space. Modular business office furniture is a great way to create tailored office solutions specific to your workplace. Commercial office furniture such as seating, screens, and tables feature integrated power modules. This further frees up space and keeps cables out of the way.

Standing office tables are another ever-popular solution. You can fit more people around a standing table, and they have a number of other benefits. They are better for posture, and studies have suggested that standing can reduce meeting times by up to 25%. This saves time and prevents unproductive meetings.

Movable partitions can be another good solution when trying to make effective use of available space. Using commercial office furniture products like partitions helps keep things flexible and adaptable.

Adaptable Office Furniture

Clear Office Cables

BT Office’s cable management solutions are perfect for keeping all those cords safe, functional and organised. An office full of messy cables never gives a good impression to potential clients. Cable management provides you with a cleaner and more organized business space. It also extends the life and maximises the performance of your cables. Any office furniture fit-out should consider cable management. Cords that pile up on the floor and behind equipment are likely to suffer damage from crushing. Having an effective cable management solution makes an office safer and easier to clean.

Get Rid of Clutter

A less cluttered desk helps achieve a less cluttered mind. Clearing clutter can give you a more realistic idea of how much space you have. Always ensure documents are regularly put away. Minimalist office design is a popular trend in office space planning. Minimalistic business office furniture helps employees individually perform better, as well as creating more space in the office. Having less stuff is one very inexpensive idea for making a smaller office look bigger. Employees are also less likely to feel stressed; rather they will work more efficiently in an organized space.

White and Organized Office

Good use of colour

Lighter coloured commercial office furniture can create a sense of space. White tables and desks would therefore help you to achieve a spacious effect. Blue has a calming effect. Yellow and Orange promote a creative and happy environment. Using these colours will stimulate mental activity, resulting in improved creativity and productivity.

Office Orange and White

BT Office Furniture

Looking to fit out a new office, or maximize your current office space? As a commercial office furniture supplier, we are here to help you. AT BT Office we have a specialised team that can help you, from designing your new office to helping you to find the right furniture. Get in touch today.