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BattleLab Office Furniture Installation And Design

The Client

BattleLab was recently opened in Dorset as the UK’s first defence hub to drive the innovations of technology used by UK Armed Forces. This was a joint project between the Ministry of Defence, Dorset Council and Dorset Local Enterprise. The purpose of BattleLab is to help foster collaborations between the defence sector, Armed Forces and academia. This solution aims to modernise military operations to help solve challenging issues and emerging threats. Located at Dorset Innovation Park, BattleLab is home to end-users from different trades and professionals.

Our Office Space planning services

Delivering a modern and collaborative workplace

As experts in office space planning, we worked with the MoD on the initial designs. Our design teams’ experience in delivering collaborative workspaces for business centres and commercial clients was essential. To maximise users’ productivity, a practical yet comfortable office furniture fit out was needed. Specifying products that would deliver the desired workspace, present an innovative look, and remain within budget was key.

Why work with us

Each of the three floors of the Battlelab are designed to encourage users to work in a way that suits them. This includes various configurations of worktables for groups of two, four, six or eight to collaborate in groups. There were a total of 124 co-working desk spaces across the three floors. BattleLab had high level touchdown tables to be used as occasional short term work surfaces. Their office furniture installation also incorporated Private acoustic telephone booths along with four-person ‘railway carriage’ style meeting booths. Personal lockers, located on each floor, provided storage for the collaborative space.

Collaborative Office Furniture

Breakout Spaces

As part of their office furniture fit out solution, soft spaces were created with different styles of sofas and lounge chairs. To meet their designed design, these were all upholstered in different fabrics. The breakout spaces were created to encourage moving away from the desk. This was a key element of their office space planning as it allows people to discuss and innovate in a more relaxed environment.

Office Soft Seating

Conference Rooms

As well as the office furniture installation, BattleLab specified three small 8-person meeting rooms and a 100 + person conference space. These had tilt top mobile tables and stacking mesh back chairs. The aim for this was to provide continuity and interchangeability to the office furniture in the four spaces. The main conference space also included modular stage style seating. This would help increase capacity and provide a different style of seating.

Meeting & Boardroom Furniture

Phone Booths

We always recommend considering acoustics in our office space planning solutions. This is to ensure that every workplace has an area of focus for its users. Each wing of each floor of the Battlelab included a private acoustic telephone booth. Phone booths let you take calls in a quiet zone amid the noise of the collaborative space. Our free-standing office telephone booths make a great addition to any office environment. Especially if you’re looking to optimize privacy in the workplace.


Phone Booths

Meeting Booths

Private meeting rooms and conference spaces are located on the top floor. However, enclosed spaces were considered not conducive to the collaborative aspect of the other floors. As a result, their office furniture fit out included ‘railway carriage’ style meeting pods. These provide semi-private spaces to meet for short periods. The acoustic meeting pods also act as a colourful focal point within the space. This provides the required function of a place to hold a short meeting.

Office Pods

Design and office furniture installation

Design and office furniture installation is all part of our office space planning process. Our design team produced 2D space plans and 3D renders. These are necessary to provide a high accuracy visualization of the office environment. Delivering the project on time and to the exacting high standards the MOD naturally demand, was thanks to our in-house installation teams. And the result was an office furniture fit out solution that met every specification.

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