Salon Reception Furniture: 10 Quick, Cost-Effective Updates to Re-fresh your Salon or Spa

With all the treatments and footfall your salon gets, often furniture and decorating can get tired and worn pretty easily. Whilst your first port of call may be to consider a complete new fit-out, sometimes a few quick and cost-effective updates to your salon could not only save you time but also cash.

Using our expertise in commercial office space planning, we have put together our top 10 quick and cost effective updates to revive any salon or spa.

1. Update your reception desk

Making a welcoming entrance is a large part of making sure your clients feel comfortable at your salon or spa. With all the clients who use your reception desk every day, these can often get tired, scratched and scuffed quickly. A new reception desk can make a big difference to your entrance. Opt for a new desk that can be cleaned easily and is difficult to scuff the bottom with steel trims.

Foro Reception Desk blue background

2. Change reception furniture

Make sure your clients are comfortable as they wait with new waiting area furniture. There’s nothing worse than welcoming your clients into your salon or spa and having to sit on stained, dirty sofas and chairs. Choose a reception chair or sofa set that are wipe-clean and hide marks like black leather.

Modular reception seating in a salon

3. A good deep clean

Do not underestimate the impact of a good deep clean. Go through each area of your salon or spa with your team and clean left to right, top to bottom. Pay extra attention to the tops of mirrors, stubborn wall marks, lightshades, hidden corners and ceiling dust and cobwebs. A regular deep clean should be undertaken regularly, but even then some areas can get missed off.

Deep cleaning equipment

4. Add a quick lick of paint

A quick touch up of scuffed and scraped walls or a brand new feature wall can make a huge difference. Choose light and airy colours for a bright, open feel or dark colours to close in the space. Make sure you use tester pots first to check and compare colours against different walls.

Freshly painted office wall

5. Update salon chairs for staff

Keeping salon and spa chairs well looked after is already part of your daily maintenance, but what about chairs your staff use to cut hair and perform treatments? These often get kicked around and pulled about, which means they often get worn much more easily. Plus making sure your staff aren’t damaging their backs is extremely important and could save lost productivity from sickness. Draftsman’s chairs are perfect for this type of work and they come in lots of different colours, shapes and styles.

MIT draughtsman chair ready for spa setting

6. Check lightbulbs and lighting

Sometimes a lightbulb that’s out can go unnoticed for a while. Check each of your lights to make sure they work and replace any that aren’t. And while you’re at it, give the fixtired and shades a good clean.

Lighting fixture

7. Add floor lamps to brighten up dark corners

Every room has a dark corner. The addition of a floor lamp is a quick and easy way to brighten up any space and make it brighter, plus adding personality and setting the mood for the room. And if you have a spa, consider a lamp that you can dim too.

Designer floor lamp in a salon

8. Re-consider storage solutions

Technologies, products and treatments have probably changed since you last looked at your storage solutions. You may now have more equipment to store, different products to display and more paperwork to file. List all the things that need a home and look for new customisable cabinets and shelving.

Frem Novus roomdivider storage unit

9. Add a coffee station

A smart cabinet with a coffee machine and stylish jars containing tea and coffee can give your spa or salon a relaxed café vibe. Position near the reception area and offer to your clients as they come in for their appointments. Which workplace wouldn’t benefit from a coffee station?

Coffee on salon reception desk

10. Finishing touches

And finally, consider the smaller details. These things can sometimes make all the difference. Make a new spotify playlist to play in your reception, update and switch around the magazines on the reception coffee table, add prints and artwork and a diffuser with essential oils to relax and calm your guests as soon as they come in.

Finishing touches

Sometimes, having a bit of extra help with your salon or spa space really makes the difference. For help giving your salon or spa a refresh, give our experts a call.