Height Adjustable Desks and Tables

Height Adjustable Desks and Tables

Our selection of standing desks and height adjustable desks is designed to provide a comfortable working environment for everyone. Height adjustable desks are great for designers, architects and artists, but they’re also perfect for anyone who needs an adjustable office desk to add additional movement into their working day.

All our standing office desks are available with a variety of height adjustment mechanisms, including manual height adjustment, gas strut mechanisms, electric and electronic height adjustable desks.

How do Height Adjustable Desks Work?

Manual height adjustment allows you to raise lower the desktop by manually lifting and lowering the desktop into pre-selected height ranges. Gas strut provides height adjustable range usually via a crank handle. Hydraulic electric motor provides electronic height adjustment via a control unit. Some have pre-settings and can be programmed for favourite heights. The desks can be set up on their own or as a bench height adjustable desks.

There are four main types of sit stand desks. These are:

  • Manual sit stand desks – manually adjustable height.
  • Electric sit stand desks – push button to raise and lower the desk height
  • Standing desk convertors – placed on top of a regular desk to raise the height, and can be adjusted as required.
  • Portable standing desks – light weight, portable desk ideal for use with a laptop.

Typically the best sit stand desk, if you have room, would be a good quality electric desk. These are robust, easy to operate and look great in any office environment.

Depending on the floor surface of you office it may be beneficial to use a standing desk mat. A standing desk mat should be lightweight, pliant, shock-absorbent and have bevelled anti-trip edges.