Call Centre Desks

Call Centre Desks

Our range of pre-configured call centre desks offers a cost-effective, modern and stylish solution for a high density office environment. Whatever the size of the call centre team, we can supply modern call centre furniture that meets the demands of any busy office.

Call Centre Desks & Furniture

Call Centres have become essential for many businesses in recent years, and with that in mind, specific call centre furniture has been designed to accommodate their requirements.

Our call centre desks can be arranged to form clusters to seat any amount of users whilst saving valuable office floor space. Because many businesses operate call centres for customer service, it’s essential that even when users are seated next to each other, they have a certain amount of privacy to take calls. We have a range of screen options which can be added to each call centre desk in order to provide an acoustic and visual barrier and to separate each workspace for individual users.

We also provide a wide range of flexible call centre furniture for 2-8 people, stylish screens, workstations, and matching, comfortable computer chairs. Please call us for more details about our smart, call centre furniture solutions.

The call centre furniture we have available comes with a number of different MFC wood and frame finish options. Innovative cable management systems can also be integrated to keep your desks clear of cables and clutter.

Of course, call centre desks and furniture are not just limited to call centre offices. Many schools, colleges, universities and libraries also find this type of furniture beneficial in terms of space, privacy and cost.

Our consultants are always happy to discuss different desk configurations, and we offer a free space planning and design service.

All of our call centre desks and furniture come with a warranty and are delivered free throughout the UK. Our prices include installation.