Monitor Arms

Monitor Arms

As space on the desktop becomes more of a premium, monitor arms are becoming increasingly popular. We have smart mounting solutions for flat screens ranging from single and twin monitors up to eight monitors. Monitor arms are fitted with clamps or through desk fixings and can be provided with full cable management.

Adjustable arms for monitors and screens

Monitor arms are an important addition to any working environment and are perfect for optimising productivity, comfort and accessibility.

But why are monitor arms so popular and how can they benefit your working space? One of the main reasons why monitor arms have become so popular is that more people than ever before are working from their desktop computer, with many using multiples screens to work effectively.

Some styles of monitor arms can also be mounted to tool rails of dividing screens with integrated tool rails, freeing up even more valuable space on your desktop.

One of the main benefits of monitor arms is that you can move your computer monitor screen and carefully position it so that it suits your needs, ensuring it is in your eye line and complements the rest of your body.

Discover the benefits of monitor arms today.

We have a wide range of smart, easy to use mounting solutions for flat screen computers. Whether you’re looking for single and double monitor arms, or arms that are able to accommodate up to eight monitors, we’ve got you covered. All our functional monitor arms are fitted with clamps or through robust desk fixings and can also be provided with full cable management for optimum functionality.

Monitor arms are usually available in silver, white or black finish to complement the metalwork finish of your desk. The adjustment can either be manual or gas assisted simple touch adjustment.

Some of our monitor arms can also be mounted to the tool rails of dividing screens, allowing you to free up even more valuable space on your desktop. The right monitor arm for your needs will depend on your individual requirements.

So, if you’re looking for the right computer monitor arm for your needs, make sure you check out our full range today.