Breakout Furniture Ideas To Re-Energise Your Workforce

During the last few years, the concept of a breakout room has become increasingly popular.  Some studies have found that productivity can be significantly increased through the introduction of a breakout space.

As we know all too well, mental health can be impacted by stress and overwork. Therefore, creating an area that helps employees to rest and unwind away from their workstations is a must for any effective workplace. Taking regular breaks from work can help employees to remain focused and maintain high performance levels. This article will consider the most suitable types of breakout furniture to energise your workforce.

The Breakout Room

The Breakout Room often has a more casual look than the rest of the office. It should provide some privacy and comfort, although as a working space it could have different uses. Breakout Rooms can be places for employees to get away, to take some time to recharge then return to work more focused. They can also be used for informal meetings and brainstorming sessions, as they offer great opportunities for interaction and communication. It’s not surprising then that Breakout Rooms impact positively on productivity, creativity, and happiness in the workplace.

Comfortable Sofas, High Back Sofas and Lounge Chairs

Probably the first thing you need for a Breakout Space is comfortable soft seating, such as Office Sofas, Comfortable Lounge Chairs, High Back Sofas and Modular Seating.  Soft seating has become an essential part of any office plan and plays and important role in creating a good office environment. Breakout areas are typically created with an array of soft seating and reconfigurable tables. The addition of soft seating can create an area which can allow you to switch off, clear your head and become much more creative in your thinking. Sofas and Lounge Chairs are great for chilling out and are available in bespoke sizes and colours.

Modern Breakout Area with High Back Sofas and Stools

Standing Desks to Provide a Change of Posture

A large proportion of desk workers still sit in the same place for the majority of the working day. Breakout areas can offer a great incentive to get up and move around the office. This movement can go a long way in reducing the amount of time your staff spend sitting down, which is made even better by spaces that encourage standing, such as Standing Desks.

Sit Stand Desks are the perfect option for every workplace when it comes to inclusivity and ergonomic comfort. Including a wide variety of different designs, styles and colour options, our range of Standing Desks help boost productivity. They are also perfect for anyone who needs an adjustable office desk to add additional movement into their working day.

All our Standing Office Desks come with a variety of height adjustment mechanisms, including manual height adjustment, gas strut mechanisms, electric and electronic height adjustable desks.

Soundproof Pods and Booth for Peace and Quite

Office Pods typically serve as private workspaces or meeting areas within open office environments, offering benefits such us privacy, noise reduction, and a focused work environment. Pods are great idea to introduce some privacy and escape for employees while they are talking a break from their desks. Office Pods can be found in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours. They can also be used for holding small meetings and individual working, helping you to get the most out of them. Office Booths  and Telephone Booths are compact, enclosed environments crafted for confidential phone calls or video calls conferences. High Back Sofas are another useful addition for focussed work, relaxation, or a quick meeting.

All of these seating solutions incorporate acoustic materials and designs that are sound absorbing, helping to create quieter and more peaceful work environment.

Games and activities

Office breakout areas can also incorporate fun features such as table tennis tables and games. Such additions increase staff mobility and movement, as well as providing the perfect spot to hold informal meetings and gathering. It is important to remember that sometimes offices can be stressful environments, so having breakout spaces with games can be extremely  effective in helping staff unwind and destress between tasks, leading to quick re-energising and therefore higher productivity.

Breakout Room with Table Tennis

Indoors Plants and Greenery

As well as improving employee well-being and productivity, office breakout areas can really help promote creativity and innovation. Research has proven that plants can have a huge impact on how fast and accurately people can work. Numerous university studies reveal that once plants are introduced into a the workplace, concentration increases, with productivity increasing as much as 10-15% for those who work with computers. Just by having some attractive plants around the office, creative thinking can increase by as much as 15%. Just think what kind of difference introducing some greenery could have on your employees, business and future success. Green spaces help promote feelings of relaxation and calmness, which can contribute to the overall office mood. We spend more time at work than we do with our loved ones, so it’s important to ensure that everyone enjoys their surroundings.

Why Choose BT Office Furniture?

These days, Breakout Spaces are something modern workers will expect to find in their work environment. Not only are they an excellent solution for enhancing employee wellbeing and satisfaction, but they are also a great way of attracting new talent and retaining staff. Here at BT Office, we have a design team ready to create amazing breakout areas for your specific needs. Get in touch with us today, to chat to us about the changes you would like to have in your office.

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