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MSP Capital

The Client

From small beginnings in 1981, MSP Capital has grown organically over the past 40 years – combining entrepreneurial spirit and business expertise to help others successfully grow their businesses. They are now one of the largest providers of property finance in Southern England. As a principal development and bridging lender, their in-house property and finance experts can offer lending solutions for sums up to £20 million – helping their clients to make their visions a reality.

Our association with MSP Capital began in 2017. At the time, they were occupying a building that had a prestigious address but was not that well suited to their vision of ‘how our business works’. We employed our office space planning and design skills to make the building work for them – even when they purchased the property next door and began to remove walls!

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The Problem

Here at BT Office Furniture, we like to think that we have the same vision for our clients that MSP Capital do for theirs. We are a team of innovative professionals with a ‘can do’ attitude that we use to match commercial office furniture and office layout design to the needs and requirements of our clients.

As MSP Capital’s expansion continued through the years, it became apparent that their offices were no longer fit for purpose. That was when the move to Strata House, their current home, was proposed, and our office design case study begins.

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The Strategy

Working closely with Paul Miracca, a series of strategic meetings followed during which it was decided that there was no real need to dispense with the commercial office furniture that MSP had already purchased. The furniture was still good, and still did its job. We then embarked on a process to integrate all the existing furniture, along with any necessary new items, into the new building. Our office space planning skills allowed MSP to really think about how the new building was going to benefit them and their staff. It took quite a while but, the result was office layout designs for five large suites that perfectly suited the working balance and environment that MSP wanted to create. The orders for the new furniture were placed and we, over the course of a busy week, installed the new and relocated all the existing furniture into Strata House. A new chapter had begun for MSP Capital and BT Office were delighted to have played their part.

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Strata House contains six office suites, MSP Capital had taken five. It was always hoped that the sixth suite, on the Ground Floor, could also be obtained. This wish became a reality this year, and we were delighted to be approached again by Paul and asked to add our expertise. It became clear early on that Paul’s vision for the new suite was going to expand the innovation and office layout design skills that we have. The new suite was to become a series of prestigious, fully AV integrated, meeting and strategic planning spaces.

One major stumbling block was that the commercial office furniture that was required to meet MSP’s needs didn’t actually exist! So, our Design team, working closely with our partner manufacturers and MSP, specifically designed the furniture that was needed from scratch. And even if we do say so ourselves, the results are wonderful. MSP Capital have exactly what they want and need and we, at BT Office, have expanded our skills further and proved that where a valued client is concerned, nothing is too much trouble.

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The Outcome

It has been a pleasure to be associated with MSP Capital. Their business has developed enormously in the time that we have worked with them. They can be justifiably proud of where they now find themselves, as one of the largest providers of property finance in Southern England. We are delighted and proud of the way that we have also been able to develop ourselves and our office layout design skills to meet the needs of our dynamic and successful clients. Thank you, MSP Capital, for being one of the drivers of this development.

For more information on BT Office Furniture and our office space planning services, get in touch. We are available to call on 0800 298 7133, or you can contact us through our website. Take a look at our pre-existing commercial office furniture and get in touch to order today.

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