Royal Yachting Association Commercial Office Fit Out

The Client

Back in 2022, BT Office Furniture were contacted by The Royal Yachting Association (RYA), regarding some changes to their Head Offices in Hamble-le-Rice that they were considering post pandemic. Having completed an office furniture fit out at the RYA Head Office some 20 years earlier, it was nice to be invited back to look at their office layout. Previously, we fitted out their offices with corner desks and a large amount of tambour storage units. This time, we focused on staff working patterns, incorporating modern meeting solutions, and generally bringing the office in line with today’s – very different – working requirements.

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The Proposal

As one of three specialists invited to provide a way forward for the RYA’s commercial office fit out, we were delighted that our design proposals and suggestions were thought to be the ‘best fit’ for the project. Working in partnership with Image Commercial Interiors, we produced a 40-page office space planning presentation on our design ideas. This consisted of 3D renders, suggestions regarding environmentally friendly materials, recycling of existing furniture and an idea of potential cost. The design focused on collaboration and flexible working patterns.

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New Meeting Spaces

Static partitioned meeting rooms were removed and replaced by Acoustic Pods For Offices, Video Conferencing Booths & Phone Booths, all of which are easily relocatable without major disturbance. The introduction of meeting spaces with specific function increased the number of available spaces for staff to have private phone calls, 1-1 meetings and impromptu ‘drop in’ meetings. This freed up the office pods during the commercial office fit out for larger meetings of 6 or 10. The introduction of a 14-seat boardroom, complete with media wall and client lounge in a new location off the newly refurbished reception, completed the full quota of meeting spaces with dedicated functions.

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Collaboration & Breakout Spaces

A large ‘collaboration & breakout’ space was created as part of the commercial office fit out. This used a ground floor open plan space, and included a new dedicated ‘wellness’ room. These were facilities that had not been available to the Royal Yachting Association previously.
The office space planning and design of the two floors were completely led by the change in working styles and patterns post-pandemic. Moving to a fully open plan office over both floors was facilitated by a move to hybrid working. Although the offices are now open plan, bench desks were used to bring teams together, with departments now separated by hanging acoustic panels. The acoustic panels allow for a segregation of the space, provide a splash of colour and also incorporated segments of the freshly designed RYA logo.

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Undertaking such a large change, including the purchase of new furniture, meant the RYA were naturally insistent that recycling, carbon footprint and environmental issues were all considered. The overall look, feel and the function of the new office furniture fit out space was also to meet the highest standard possible, whilst remaining within a strict budget. All existing furniture, which had lasted the best part of 20 years, was recycled. New seating, acoustic office pods and meeting booths were upholstered in either Camira Mainline Flax (a blend of pure wool and harvested flax) or Camira Oceanic (created from post-consumer recycled plastic – from debris floating discarded in our seas, to bottles thrown away and destined for landfill). The acoustic suspended panels were felt made from PET (recycled plastic water and soda bottles). All furniture was sourced from manufacturers certified BS EN ISO 140001 : 2015 for Environmental Management Systems.

Why Work With Us?

Successful Commercial Office Fit Out

Having supplied the office furniture to the RYA when they moved to the Head Offices 20 years ago, it was a pleasure to work with them again and see how much has changed in that time. This wasn’t just a purchase of furniture, as it felt like it was all that time ago. This time, two organizations that knew each other from old, approached the commercial office fit out project in an entirely 2024 fashion. By considering each employee’s requirements, looking to the future and how flexibility would promote ease of change, providing collaboration spaces to improve productivity, private spaces for video conferencing and calls, providing ‘wellbeing’ spaces and considering environmental issues, all whilst working with the set budget, we were able to have a successful project.

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From start to finish, the office furniture fit out project was divided into four phases: each phaseconsisting of strip-out, decoration, carpet, air con, and M&E works and furniture, all of which were completed on time. The total project length was 10 months, and we are grateful to have had the opportunity to work with the RYA once again on their office space planning.

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