How Acoustic Office Furniture Benefits Your Workplace

Unwanted noises in an office space can affect productivity. This issue is particularly amplified when employees are working on complicated tasks. Even the slightest background noise can shift attention from the task at hand, causing employees to work less efficiently. Good office acoustics can reduce distracting background noise. This provides employees with the right environment to complete their tasks. Acoustic office panels can help with noise distractions and improve productivity. Suspended Acoustic Panels and Wall Mounted Acoustic Panels are two great solutions. Both are effective sound buffers, whilst simultaneously adding an appropriate flare of design.

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Acoustic and visual privacy is an important part of any office space planning. In fact, a lack of privacy and high noise levels are some of the most common complaints employees have about their workplace. There are plenty of simple options for improving the soundscape in your office. For example, High Back Acoustic Seating is an innovative solution to create a private space. Also, this does not require the installation of office partitions. High Back acoustic sofas and Sofa Meeting Booths are great pieces of commercial office furniture that improve privacy. This reduces the likeliness of being overhead or disturbing other colleagues. Acoustic office sofas are an adaptable solution that can fit in nearly any work environment.

Acoustic Office Booths and Pods usually come equipped with charging points and USB ports. This allows uninterrupted work for your employees. Acoustic Booths and Pods can be easily detached and re-mounted at different locations. This makes them perfect for dynamic workspaces, shared offices and coworking spaces.

Office Pods and Sofa Meeting Pods can take up more space, but they do create a completely enclosed workspace. Acoustic pods will provide flexibility and most can accommodate up to six people.



Sound plays such a large role in employee well-being. it requires just as much consideration as office chairs and desks during your office space planning. Noise can lead to sleepiness and slouching, which has a direct impact on posture. Excess noise in the workplace can cause headaches and migraines. Providing the right acoustic office furniture will therefore reduce staff sick days caused by noise issues. A recent study found that participants who worked in a loud environment were more tired and retained less information. Spaces with a focus on office acoustics resulted in more efficient working.

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When there is less background noise employees can focus on their daily tasks without external distractions. Free Standing Panels are one of the most popular corporate office furniture pieces that reduce noise pollution in the office. They are also ideal when the installation of wall panels is not possible. Floor standing screens and Mobile Screens are a good solution to create a flexible room in an open area. Screens and dividers are available in a huge selection of fabrics. This gives you the freedom to match them to your office interior design.

Free Standing Screens


Acoustic office furniture can also be a great visual feature. Apart from reducing excess noise, Acoustic Art and acoustic office panels bring style and beauty to the office space. 3D acoustic wall panels create a wonderful textural feature for any interior. This is in addition to enhancing the office acoustics. The decorative acoustic panels not only treat the sound but heighten the artistic vibe. They can help generate and stimulate ideas.

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Sound is one of the most important considerations when undertaking office space planning. The use of acoustic furniture is a streamlined and practical solution that enables employees to have more privacy. It has the added benefit of reducing the risk of negative physical impact on people in the process. If you would like to talk to one of our experts about your office acoustic requirements, email [email protected] or call us 0800 298 7033.