How to Create a Collaborative Workspace

It is well known that facilitating collaboration is key to improving employee productivity. Many studies have shown that collaborative office environments encourage higher performance. When employees work together, they find solutions quicker. Through collaboration, teams of all sizes can share ideas and develop innovative solutions.

The question is then: how can collaborative spaces can be created through office space planning and office furniture? When it comes to such collaboration, flexibility and variety are essential. This blog will take a closer look on how you can achieve this.

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A Good Collaborative Workspace

A good collaborative workspace should have the following:

It is also crucial to have communal spaces in your collaborative office. If an office doesn’t have common areas – such as meeting rooms and breakout spaces that facilitate engagement – collaborative interactions probably won’t occur. A communal space provides individuals with an opportunity to interact with those from other departments who they might not normally meet. A collaborative work space means stepping away from the individual cubicles of the past and evolving into a more inclusive work setting.

Collaborative office furniture pieces in a downstairs area - office pods and soft seating options

Work Tables

In a workplace setting, collaborators must be able to communicate clearly and share knowledge effectively. Work tables are a great piece of collaborative office furniture for this. Work tables are a hybrid between meeting tables and bench desks. Usually they include cable management systems in the centre and are ideal for collaborative working.

Work tables are designed to be used for short periods of time with maximum connectivity. They are perfect for meeting, collaborating, and socialising. Work tables can help create new working environments to encourage discussion and creativity by allowing several people to work on the same worktop. They are perfect for the modern trend of agile working, providing an inspirational and welcoming work area.

Collaborative working table with white top and blue legs shown with working office chairs

Bench Desks & Height Adjustable Desks

Bench desks are a great way to effectively provide work surfaces for multiple people at one time. Office bench desks are particularly suitable for large, open-plan spaces where desks are used by different people. Bench desks offer personal space and storage, but encourage collaboration and interaction at the same time. Height adjustable desks are also popular; studies continue to show that changes in posture can help people’s concentration.

Large number of bench desks in a collaborative office

Breakout Space

Office breakout areas are another great solution to encourage communication between colleagues. It can’t really be a collaborative office without some form of breakout furniture. These spaces might include chairs that encourage relaxation, comfortable office sofas and lounge chairs, bistro seating, coffee tables, or food benches. The whole point is to create a space that can be fun and relaxing, a place employees want to go to. Spaces with breakout furniture will also be beneficial for their physical and mental health.

Office breakout furniture area with blue armchair and telephone booth

Technology and Video Conference Furniture

Empower employees with the technology they need for effective collaboration. Providing people with communal spaces for impromptu meetings allows for a level of flexibility that fosters creativity and productivity. In today’s digital world, good collaborative offices will allow for employees to communicate even if not in the office together. Good videoconferencing software, project management platforms, and file-sharing technologies are vital in the modern workplace. Media units offer an innovative modular system designed to enable spaces to flex and adapt. From a design point of view, these units can also look extremely stylish and modern.

Collaborative seating arrangement for an office with TV and video conference capability

Private Workspace

The ideal culture for creative collaboration comes from balancing individual and group work. In a busy collaborative office, finding ways to still have some privacy is vital. Acoustic office pods, booths and sofa meeting booths are all effective solutions to be considered. Employees should be able to flow easily between individual and coworking spaces. When that flow is maximized, collaboration is encouraged, and that’s true in any office setting.

Collaborative office furniture Bea pod shown in a biophilic office space

Outdoors to Indoors

Finally, we would like to mention the importance of bringing the outdoors, indoors. Biophilic design involves the use of natural materials, natural light, and plants to create a more pleasing and effectively-built environment. Generating new ideas and innovating is much easier in a biophilic environment. Plants work wonders for collaboration, contributing to group productivity, and interaction. Using plants or green elements is also an effective method of improving light and air quality, increasing employee wellbeing and happiness.

Biophilic office design with collaborative seating and acoustic celling office panels

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