How to Optimise Space in Your Small Office

A good, well-thought-out design for a small office space can be just as successful as in any big office space planning project. Although they can be more challenging, finding office furniture for small offices offers a great opportunity to be creative and to make use of the space you have. In this article we will list some top tips to maximise your small office space.

Declutter your Office Space

The first step to maximizing small office space is to declutter and clean up. Clutter can feel chaotic and stressful. When decluttering, try to focus on reducing anything in your office that your team doesn’t need. There are a few ways you can do this for the best results. One way, for example, is to start by getting rid of everything, then slowly adding things back in as required. This way, going item by item, you can be more objective, only what is most essential. It may sound extreme, but it’s an excellent way to quickly determine which items do not actually serve a purpose.

Long white desks with black legs covered in office stationery and office chairs in front

Furniture Storage Solutions

Effective workplace storage solutions are vital when it comes to small office spaces, and they should be one of the first things you consider. Taking advantage of vertical space is often a good solution. Instead of using up floor space, could you use the full height of your wall and install an Office Storage Wall? Other solutions might include: Office Storage CupboardsOffice Tambour UnitsOffice SideboardsDesk Pedestals, or Office Room Dividers.

Large workplace storage solution in white with cupboards and in-built seating area with table and chairs in front

Furniture for Smaller Offices

When space is limited, utilising every inch of that space is essential. Buying furniture without considering the size of the room could result in a crowded office. For offices with reduced space, it is important to consider the smallest size desks that would accommodate the equipment needed for you to work. Effective office space planning is key here. There may be pieces of office furniture specifically for small offices available – why not take a look at our quality office desks and find the right piece for you?

Adjustable height desk in white office

Light is key

As well as making a huge difference in team productivity and personal employee wellbeing, effective lighting will make a huge difference in maximising your small office space. Always try to make use of natural light, but if natural light is not possible, go for LED lighting.  Selecting wall lighting as well as overhead lighting can also help to maximise space. While office space planning, consider your desk position carefully to make the most any natural light. Avoid floor lamps that take up much floor space.

Brightly interior of an office with tall desks and high seated chairs surrounding

Making Your Office More Efficient

Another way for maximising small office spaces is to try to look at ways to cut down your equipment. For example, if you have a small office with three people working at computers, can you network one printer between all three rather than keep three separate printers?  Although not ideal in every situation, smaller quality office desks can be better located facing walls around the perimeter of the office.

Two height adjustable desks in white facing away from each other with monitors attached by arms in white office

Flexible Office Furniture

Consider tables with wheels that can be easily rearranged. These are very effective when trying to create more collaborative environments. A lot of office furniture is now flexible and multi-purpose, such as Corner Desks, Mobile Tables, Folding Tables and Tilt Top tables. These can provide excellent solutions when making the most of smaller spaces.

Mobile quality office desks on wheels in an office

Office Cables & Monitor Arms

Attaching your monitor to an adjustable arm is a great way to immediately free up desk space, not to mention helping you achieve a better posture. Another trick is to take some time and actually label your cables. Wires tend to tangle and are not very aesthetic pleasing. This will help to keep them under control. You can also hide wires within your workplace storage solutions such as  Cable Trays or Spirals.

 Cable management and tidies as an effective workplace storage solution to be fitted under a desk

BT Office Furniture

Any sized office will benefit from good office space planning, even more so if your aim is to optimise existing space. Creating an office plan is not an easy process, especially if you are not familiar with measuring and drawing in scale. It’s much easier to create an office plan using a CAD program, which is usually done by a space planning professional during an office furniture fit out. AT BT Office, we have a team of such experts, ready to help you create the office you’ve been looking for. E-mail us at: [email protected] or call us now on 08002987033.