Media Units Vs Media Walls

Media Units and Media Walls are essential in modern workspaces. They are a smart solution to integrating today’s technology into modern offices, but what are the differences between the two? Let’s find out.

The Difference between a Medial wall and Media Units

Media units are designed to be placed either up against a wall or in the middle of a space. They provide a vertical surface to mount a TV onto with an integrated table providing horizontal stability. The vertical panel will have cable access to enable the TV cables to pass through to the floor and also to the table.

Media Units are typically made up of a large work surface built for multiple users. A media unit in an office offers a great way to share information during meetings. Media Units are essential in modern workspaces and help to promote greater collaboration and productivity.

Media walls are usually fitted to a wall. They would consist of a storage unit below a vertical panel upon which the TV would be mounted. If space allows, there will be storage units either side of the TV. The vertical panel will not be located towards the back of the storage units but rather in the centre point of the depth. This allows space for the TV cables to pass through behind and also increases the field of vision within the room.

Media Walls are usually found in meeting rooms, boardrooms or receptions. When Media Walls are found in receptions the TV would usually be playing a promotional video related to the company in question or possibly a news channel. In boardrooms or meeting rooms the TV is more likely to be used for video conferencing. It is also common for media walls within a boardroom to incorporate a white board for presentation purposes.

Media Wall Benefits

Media Wall Vs Media Unit Article

The main benefit of a Media Wall is to hide as much cabling and other essential equipment in the storage units and also to provide a professional wall of furniture that will likely compliment or match a reception desk or boardroom table.

Media Units Benefits

Twist Media Unit

Due to the impact of technology on the ways of working nowadays, Media Units offer a digital meeting point where meeting or training sessions can take place.

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