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The average worker spends 7 to 8 hours a day sitting, which can cause a number of postural-related issues, such as back, shoulder, neck, or knee pain. That is why it is so important to find an office chair that works for you. The average office chair supports a person with a height of up to 180cm. But where does that leave taller people? If that’s you, then this article should help.

If you are a taller person sitting in the wrong chair, your knees are likely to flex, and a good portion of your thighs may be exposed beyond the seat’s edge. Sitting in such an anatomically incorrect position all day can lead to both productivity and health issues.

In this article we will show you the important features you need to look for when considering office chairs for taller adults. Finally we will highlight some Office Chairs for Taller People that can be found on our website.

Any chair suitable for a taller person will need to be able to have: a large back; good seat height adjustment; options for seat depth adjustment; options for lumbar support adjustment; and an adjustable height backrest. Often a headrest can also be handy for taller people.

Seat Height

This feature is very important for a taller person. Many office chairs come with inadequate seat height adjustment, making the taller sitter liable to flex the knees or extend the legs whilst seated. Adopting such a position increases pressure on the hips and thighs.

Ideally you should aim for your knees to be at a 90 degree angle, and for your two feet to be firmly planted on the floor when seated.

Seat Depth

Taller people need seats with a greater depth than usual. The recommendation of a minimum depth is 19’’ (48 cm) or more.

Seat Width

For a taller person, the seat width should be at least 16’’ (40cm) or more.

Backrest Height

Generally, the height of the backrest isn’t important, unless it comes with a dedicated headrest. Depending on its shape, you may want to measure your torso in order to make sure the protruding area of the headrest aligns roughly with the top of your spine or with the back of your head. There is nothing more discomforting than a fixed headrest that is positioned too low (or high).

 Bearing all this in mind, below are some example of Office Chairs for Taller People that can be found on our website, recommend by BT Office Furniture.

Touch Operator Chair

Touch Operator Chair for tall people

Touch Operator Chair is a good quality chair that is available with either a medium, high or extra high back. All models have a permanent contact back mechanism, large contoured seat and manual backrest height adjustment. All chairs are suitable for users weighing up to 115kg. There are many options available that allow you to tailor the chairs to your precise requirements.

  • Choice of three back heights
  • Seat Depth adjustment option
  • Inflatable lumbar option
  • Choice of three seat mechanism
  • Price: £92-99 + vat

Pretorian Task Chair

Pretorian Task Chair for Blog

With generous seats and contoured backrests, the Pretorian range of operator chairs provides affordable comfort and support. Adjustable lumbar support is available on all models, offering excellent posture support, as well as a choice of four mechanism.

  • Choice of three back heights
  • Seat Depth adjustment option
  • Inflatable lumbar option
  • Choice of four seat mechanism
  • Seat Heigh: 46-60 cm
  • Seat Width: 52 cm
  • Seat Depth: 49 cm
  • Price: £114-163 + vat

Kona Computer Chair

Kona Computer Chair for Blog

Kona Computer Chair is a very comfortable chair with an independent seat and back tilt mechanism. All gas lifts are suitable for users up to 150Kg. For users over 115Kg a polished base is recommended. Bulk order discount available, call for best prices.

  • Extra High Back
  • Headrest Option
  • Seat Depth Adjustment option
  • Inflatable Lumbar Option
  • 3 Lever Seat Mechanism
  • Seat Width: 50 cm
  • Seat Height: 46-60 cm
  • Seat Depth: 48  cm
  • Overall Width: 70 cm
  • Kona: £204-241+ vat

Blast Ergo Egonomic Chair

Blast Ergo Ergonomic Chair for Blog

Blast Ergo Ergonomic Chair allows the user to adjust the back support to provide continual support. Multi-functional arms enable users to adjust and adapt their position and feature engagement throughout the day. Stylish black five star base or polished metal five star base with carpet castors as standard.

  • Extra High Back
  • Headrest Option
  • Seat Depth adjustment option
  • Inflatable lumbar option
  • Synchronised Seat Mechanism
  • Seat Width: 52 cm
  • Seat Height: 46 – 50 cm
  • Seat Depth: 48 cm
  • Overall Width: 65 cm
  • Price: £265.00 + vat

Finally, please note that any of our chairs can be fitted with a taller gas lift, in order to make the seat higher if required.

Office chair for tall person UK measurements

Chair height based on the height of an taller individual, as recommended by BFIMA
Person’s Height (feet)Chair Height (inches)Person’s  Height (cm)Chair Height (cm)
6’0″19.4 inches181.5 cm49 cm
6’1″19.7 inches184 cm49.6 cm
6’2″19.9 inches186.5 cm50.3 cm
6’3″20.2 inches189 cm51 cm
6’4″20.5 inches191.5 cm51.7 cm
6’5″20.7 inches194 cm52.3 cm
6’6″21 inches196.5 cm53 cm
6’7″21.3 inches199 cm53.7 cm
6’8″21.6 inches201.5 cm54.4 cm
6’9″21.8 inches204 cm55 cm
6’10”22.1 inches206.5 cm55.7 cm
6’11”22.4 inches209 cm56.4 cm
7’0″22.6 inches211.5 cm57.1 cm
7’1″22.9 inches214 cm57.7 cm
7’2″23.2 inches216.5 cm58.4 cm


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