Office screens buying guide

Whether your office is small or large, getting the layout right is crucial for comfort, productivity and the overall aesthetic of your space. Open plan offices are more popular than ever before and come in all shapes and sizes, but often screens are forgotten about.

The key to designing an office space effectively is to use screens to divide up areas, provide privacy and comfort for employees, create breakaway areas and even meeting pods. This versatile solution can help you establish a configuration suited to your business, while offering the flexibility to change things easily and within budget.

Desk Mounted Screen Main

Desk mounted screens

Desk mounted screens are a great solution for offices with several desks in an open plan space. Available in a range of colours, sizes and designs, desk mounted screens provide employees with more privacy and flexibility for both independent and collaborative work.

As well as increased privacy and work balance, desk mounted screens are also beneficial to protect sensitive information in shared offices, providing employees with a sense of ownership and responsibility over their work area. This will not only help to encourage organisation, but ensure employees feel valued and are able to make their desk personalised to their needs.

Desk mounted acoustic screen are also available for more noisy offices and if used effectively, can deflect and break up noise that can often be distracting.

Explore our range of desk mounted screens to find something suited to your office. Available in a variety of sizes, fabrics and colours, we can help you find a screen suited to the needs and aesthetics of your business.

Soft Barrel Floor Standing Screens at Different Heights and Colours

Floor standing partitions


Perfect for large, open plan spaces, floor standing partitions allow you to create break-off areas that can be moved around to suit your needs. Available in fabric, wood and glass, these movable office screens can be linked together to create the size and shape partition you need, providing great flexibility.

Many floor standing screens can be fitted with casters, making it easy to move them to different parts of your office as and when you need to. They can also be fitted with acoustic ceiling panels to create dedicated quiet spaces for employees to have discussions, take personal calls, or simply spend some time away from the hustle and bustle of the office environment.

Explore our range of floor standing partitions to find something suited to the shape and size of your space. We have a range of shapes, styles and colours available, so you can create a versatile space, whilst complementing your branding and preferred style.

Blue Dams Scales Suspended Acoustic Panel For Work Place

Hanging acoustic panels

Hanging acoustic panels are perfect for a range of businesses and can relieve modern, open spaces from disruptive noise and noticeable echo. Read more about how to reduce noise in an open plan office.

Although the main purpose of suspended acoustic panels is to absorb sound, they can also be a great design element for an office and be a point of interest. Available in a range of unique shapes and colours, they can bring a space to life and match your organisation’s overall look.

Explore our range of hanging acoustic panels that can completely transform the atmosphere of your office space. With a host of pattern options, colours, shapes and sizes to choose from, these ceiling hung panels will make a significant impact.

Acryilic Screens Covid

Covid partition screens

As a result of COVID-19, businesses around the world have been forced to adapt the way they work. To return to work safely and follow recommendations, businesses are looking for ways to keep employees safe and distanced, whilst causing as little disruption as possible.

Partition screens are ideal for protection both face to face and side to side, so you can rest assured your staff are being taken care of.

Explore our range of Covid partition screens, as well as our other products ideal for keeping colleagues safe. We have a range of protective screens available, including desk mounted screens and standing partition screens which are made from materials such as clear vinyl PVS with antimicrobial properties. We also have Covid testing and vaccination pods and booths, as well as foot-operated sanitiser stations, so you can ensure safety is a top priority.

Why choose BT Office?

As a leading UK office furniture supplier, BT Office is trusted by many businesses to enhance the functionality and aesthetic appeal of office environments. Our team of experts can help you find exactly what you need for your office and create a space suited to your requirements.

If you’re unsure what type of office screen would work in your environment, we offer a free office space planning and design service to all customers. From the initial query, through to the finished layout, we can provide 2D designs and 3D visuals, so you can get a feel of how your space could function. From small to large office spaces, we can provide you with quotes and visuals that will help you to select the right products for you.

We also have our own fleet of vehicles and a team of specialist fitters who will ensure your office screens and any other furniture you need is delivered and installed in the best possible way.

If you would like to find out more about the office screens we have on offer, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. One of expert team members will be on hand to answer any questions you may have.