Organise Your Workspace With These Office Storage Solutions

There are many types of storage available in an office furniture fit out to help keep your workplace neat and organised. Most cluttered, untidy environments are distracting. Being organised will help you become more efficient and productive.

Whatever your individual working style, a neat workplace will always give a good impression to clients. It sends a clear message that your business is professional and efficient. Clean and tidy spaces also make for happy employees. Cleanliness itself helps avoid hazards and reduce sickness. A tidy workplace will also keep your office running smoothly and safely. Everything is easier to find when an office is tidy.

In this blog, we will be describing some of the types of storage you can find on our website. As commercial office furniture suppliers we understand the importance of having the right storage solutions. We offer office furniture fit outs and office space planning and can help you to find the best storage options for your office space.

Desk Pedestals

Desk pedestals are sets of drawers and small cabinets. Perfect for business office furniture, providing a compact space for files and personal belongings in the office. There are static desk pedestals as well as models with wheels. Desk pedestals with wheels can easily move around the office, to become additional storage units. These days, desk pedestals come in various shapes and sizes. Our office furniture suppliers can easily customise them according to your needs. There are multiple colours and designs to suit any office furniture fit out. Most pedestals have lockable drawers.

Desk Pedestals

Office Bookcases

Bookcases make efficient storage solutions in any working environment. They are often a must-have piece of commercial office furniture because they are so versatile and attractive. They also play their part in keeping your workplace clean, tidy and organized. Don’t forget; bookcases are not just for books: they can store many other items, such as plants, figurines and art, business awards and trophies.

Here at BT Office Furniture, we have a fantastic collection of modern office bookcases in a range of finishes and sizes. Our business office furniture is all made from sturdy and robust materials.

Quadrifoglio Libreria

Office Lockers

Office lockers & employee-storage-lockers are a secure storage solution for use in corporate offices. Let’s face it: employees will not be delivering their best work if worried that their new mobile phone, purse or wallet might get stolen. Incorporating office lockers into office space planning will overcome such problems. They provide employees with a safe and secure area in which to store their valuables, medicines, and personal documents.

Using office lockers in your office furniture fit out increases the amount of desk space available. It also means that employees can opt for a flexible desk workspace. With flexible office space planning, lockers play an important role. They provide employees with that extra confidential space to call their own.

See our full range of Office Lockers.


Office Lockers

Office Tambours

A Tambour cabinet is a vertical piece of commercial office furniture designed to store more in less space. Tambour doors make this storage solution a great choice when space is limited. These doors can open vertically (up and down) or horizontally (side to side). The horizontal, or side opening, versions can also open around bends. They are ideal for storing a whole host of office overflow.

Tambour cabinets are traditionally made from metal. As office furniture suppliers we stock tambour doors made from wood, veneer, glass or polymers. This means you have plenty of design options for your office furniture fit out. Available in many different sizes and colours, they are an elegant solution to your office storage needs. Check our full range of office tambours here.

Office Tambours

Office Sideboards & Credenzas

Horizontal Office Cabinets are often referred to as credenzas. Credenzas were originally designed for the dining room, but these days they have also evolved into office storage units. A Credenza unit is basically an office sideboard. Often used as a conference room sideboard, they should seek to complement the meeting table in both style and material. When it comes to office storage, Credenzas make a statement. Credenzas are the perfect piece of business office furniture if you have lots of space in your office. With a credenza, you will likely have to plan on accessing the storage from a seated position. Ensure you position it near a desk or a natural place where you might have a chair will likely allow for the most ease of use. That way, you will also create a vertical space in which to hang shelves, art, or other visual works.

Office Sideboards and Credenzas play essential parts in keeping spaces free from clutter and ready for work. Here at BT Office furniture suppliers, we offer a collection of Office Side Boards in a range of sizes to suit your needs, as well as a variety of finishes.

Flare Storage Unit in Blue

Office Room Dividers

Shared units with office desk dividers are an economical and stylish solution that can save valuable office space. Office Room Dividers are ideal for open office space planning. Dividers turn open spaces into flexible work zones, without the need for fixed partitions. The right Office Room Divider can help your office space planning look stylish and modern.

Office Room Divider

Office Cupboards

Office Storage Cupboards are a necessity for most office furniture fit outs. They can store many types of items, including papers, files, folders, stationary, props and merchandise. They keep everything organized, safe and secure. At BT Office Furniture we have a variety of Office cupboards in many sizes and finishes. Explore here.

BT Office Furniture

Each office environment will require a certain level of office storage to keep the space tidy. By keeping organized, you will save time looking for things and will have more time to work on important tasks. The right commercial office furniture and storage increase productivity within the workspace.

Let BT Office help transform your current office and create something stunning. As commercial office furniture suppliers, we stock a wide range of business office furniture. We also offer office furniture fit outs and office space planning. Contact us today for more details.