3 Ways Acoustic Seating Can Boost Office Productivity

Do you find yourself easily interrupted by the sounds of office life taking place around you? While background noise can be manageable for some, many of us find it highly distracting. In fact, excessive noise can often lead to stress, poor performance, and a lack of productivity. So, for those of us with bustling office environments, what we can do to overcome these challenges? Well, one solution is to consider acoustic seating. Keep reading to find out how acoustic office furniture works, plus how it can boost productivity!

Encourage Collaboration

In any workplace, it’s important to create an environment in which everybody can work the way that suits them best. Offering quiet spaces, such as acoustic office pods, is often the simplest way to achieve this.

Bear in mind that the more open spaces there are in your office, the likelier is there will also be excessive noise levels. The reason for this is that open spaces are regularly used for collaborative work. But while this environment can be great for those working together, the impact on the rest of the office can be hugely detrimental. Acoustic seating pods are the perfect way to counteract this, effectively creating a secluded space for collaborative work that prevents sound from carrying.

These booths are constructed using sound-absorbing materials and specialised acoustic panels to dampen and block external sounds. While they provide secluded spaces for focused work, they also ensure employees can easily rejoin the open office environment for teamwork, discussions, and spontaneous interactions.

Inside an acoustic office booth, you may find additional features such as adjustable LED lighting, air conditioning, and automatic motion detectors to enhance user comfort and convenience. These pods can also include built-in charging stations, USB ports, and plug sockets for laptops and other electronic devices. These features make them ideal for deep work, offering places where you can immerse yourself in concentrated tasks. In turn, this can lead to to higher productivity and a better quality of work.

Modern office with and acoustic meeting booth

Improve Comfort and Wellbeing

High backs sofas are another practical, stylish addition for offices that struggle with noise. Designed to absorb echoes and reverberations, they also relieve pressure on the spine, helping to promote better posture when sitting. Introducing high back sofas into the workplace can help solve different acoustic problems and provide staff with alternative work and informal meeting spaces.

One standout feature of high back sofas that’s worth mentioning is their ability to house power and data modules within the sofa arms. This can make them perfect furniture additions for workers who feel the need to work away from their desk.

At BT Office, we have a beautiful range of high back sofas available in a wide choice of different materials and sizes.

Open plan office with high backed sofas

Engage in Focus Work

Another acoustic solution for noisy offices is to consider phone booths. These have surged in popularity in recent years due to their size, flexibility, and their sound absorption qualities.

Office phone booths are usually fully enclosed – with 3 walls, a door, ceiling, and in most cases a carpeted floor. This design provides a quite space for people to make phone or video calls, or to engage in focused work.

Acoustic office pods such as these also provide a high level of sound absorption thanks to the quality of materials used in the construction of their walls. For instance, most are made with upholstered acoustic panels and toughened glass. If you’re seeking a private space for phone calls or concentrated work, acoustic phone booths would be the perfect solution. And these days, there’s a wide variety of options to choose from!

Trendy office with an acoustic telephone booth

Acoustic Office Solutions from BT Office Furniture

Are you looking to boost productivity? Investing in acoustic seating can make a remarkable difference to your workplace. Whether it’s high back sofas or soundproof pods and booths, BT Office Furniture has a range of acoustic office furniture to suit any space and design.

Here at BT Office Furniture, we have years of experience in office space planning and office acoustic furniture. Get in touch today about your requirements! You can reach us by sending an email to [email protected] or simply by calling us on 0800 298 7033.