5 Benefits of an Open Plan Office Space

In an open plan office, all employees work in the same area, regardless of their position or department. The open plan corporate office layout aims to increase face-to-face communication between employees. In recent years these type of offices have become very popular due to the benefits they can provide. These benefits include better communication and collaboration, flexibility and creativity. In this article, we would like to highlight some of these considerable benefits. Let’s find out more.

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Better Communication & Collaboration

Open plan offices are more sociable. Therefore, collaboration comes naturally in a workplace where there are no obstructions, such as doors or walls. An open plan corporate office layout makes it much easier for employees to communicate. People can speak across the room rather than having to organise a more formal meeting in advance.

Open Plan Offices Advantages Collaboration

Open plan office space planning also benefits employees because they often feel more relaxed. Certain office furniture such as cubicles are by nature impersonal. Although they have their place in some offices, they can create the idea of isolation. Open plan offices can create distractions for some employees due to noise levels. Therefore, it is important to incorporate acoustic office furniture in an open plan office design. Acoustic office furniture gives all employees the space they need to concentrate. Finally, open plan offices make it much easier for new employees to integrate into the team. At the end of the day, humans are social beings and open plan offices without doubt encourage good working relationships.

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Another benefit of the open office space planning is the flexibility it can offer. Office furniture usually used for such designs can be quickly moved and rearranged. This means open plan offices can be easily reconfigured to suit changes in the company or team’s needs. If something isn’t working, simply reorganise a corporate office layout without too much effort or cost. It is much more economical adding features to an open plan office, than to modify pre-existing structures. Open plan offices are also more dynamic because employee numbers can increase or decrease according to demand. Because their layouts are so easily altered, open plan offices offer endless possibilities. There is an unmistakable feeling of freedom and possibility when onboarding open office space planning.

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One of the biggest advantages of an open plan office is the creativity and teamwork they help to facilitate. Open office space planning means employees are immediately able to work together. This allows for a number of people to get involved in important decisions and projects. Bringing people together encourages faster learning and better communication. Open working environments also encourage the generation of relevant ideas. Most businesses rely on brainstorming for new ideas and concepts. Having all the employees in one space can help these ideas to flow faster. Involving everyone in the process from the beginning helps boost productivity. In such a shared space, employees prove to be more approachable, accessible and creative.

Open Plan Office Benefits


Open plan offices are also worthwhile for businesses because they cost less. An open plan corporate office layout is far less expensive, in terms of construction, than building individual offices. Having an open plan office reduces the costs of construction, utilities, and office furniture. This is because it is naturally more efficient to have everyone in one room in terms of utility bills and office supplies. Another benefits is the increase in natural light, which reduces office energy costs. The open plan design can also accommodate the greatest number of staff.

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Office space planning has an impact on the wellbeing and productivity on all employees. For this reason, it is very important to get your open plan office design right from the get-go. At BT Office, we can help you to achieve that.

We have our own in-house office space planning & design department with fully trained 2D space planners and 3D visual artist. We pride ourselves on our open and friendly approach to the design process. From the initial consultation, we use our industry expertise to recommend the right office furniture. Our office space planning will account for your design & budget specifications.

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