Acoustic Office Pods and Booths

Acoustic Office Pods and Booths

Internal Acoustic Office Pods

One of the best things about acoustic office pods is that they are easy to install and can be fitted cleanly and quickly. Not only this, but they also don’t require planning permission. This makes them a cost-effective and simple solution for creating extra workspaces or meeting rooms.

An acoustic booth or office pod does not generally require wall fixings. This means they can be moved around your workplace with minimal building and assembly disruption. These can become meeting cubicles for almost any occasion in a quick timeframe. Another great benefit of acoustic office pods is that they also offer a significant degree of privacy with enhanced noise reduction. In particular, when positioned on a carpeted surface.

The screen panels are linked together to create a single pod or can also be extended to incorporate as many pods as you’d like. As a result, if your business is to upscale in the future, these are a flexible option to choose.

For modern open-plan offices, maintaining employee focus can be challenging due to frequent disturbances and background noise. Acoustic meeting pods or privacy pods are a popular choice for creating ‘quiet zones’. This makes them an ideal place for employees to conduct meetings, interviews, training sessions, or conferences. They offer a number of benefits that can directly improve concentration and productivity.

Engineered from soundproofing materials that dampen ambient noise, employees are better able to maintain their focus. This quieter environment can help contribute to reducing stress levels. As a result, acoustic office pods allow for a more relaxed and positive workplace atmosphere. Businesses should ensure to give employees the option to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday work life.

Our acoustic office booths, phone booths, and work hubs are highly adaptable with various fabrics available. If you’re looking for a more bespoke design for your workplace, contact us. You can send over design mock-ups, drawings and requirements and we can tailor this to your project.

Not sure which style is right for your working environment? Read our office pod buyers guide to find out more about our acoustic office solutions.