5 Great Products For Creating A Relaxing Work Environment

Research has shown that one in five people believe that having more spaces to relax away from the desk improves productivity at work. Without flexible spaces to work in, it can be harder for your team to collaborate, share skills and knowledge. Relaxing office space planning give staff a place to ‘recharge’ before taking on their next task.

Creating a relaxing work environment is vital in any office furniture fit out. As a commercial office furniture supplier, we know that offices should be places where people feel at ease and happy. Office Space Planning plays a big role in offering comfort and improving employee performance. The shift from formal workspaces to more agile, collaborative spaces is now fast becoming the norm.

Nowadays, employees (or prospective employees) can work from anywhere. Staff can work from their own homes, coffee shops and bars, on trains and planes, or even on the beach. Employees now prefer not to stay at the same desk and chair in a single location. A greater variety in the workplace will be something they expect as a matter of course.

We would like to highlight some of our favourite commercial office furniture products. This business office furniture will help you create a diverse, relaxing working environment.

Nova Wood Multipurpose

Nova Wood is a desking system comprised of many different types of desks. This includes work desks, bench desks, meeting tables, multipurpose tables, high tables and coffee tables. The range of Nova Wood commercial office furniture caters for all your office needs. Nova Wood also adds a delicate sense of luxury to your office. This helps workers feel relaxed by creating a homely atmosphere whilst at the same time bringing them closer to nature. Nova wood desking is ideal for open office space planning. Different areas for individual or collaborative work can be arranged. Nova Wood is ideal for brief stand-up meetings, an informal and spontaneous team meeting, or a quick lunch or coffee break in a lounge area. This commercial office furniture will become a main point of attraction in your meeting space.

Nova Wood shown in an open plan office

A range of Nova Wood accessories can help you create the right functional and uniquely styled space for your office. For example, you can attach a display screen or a writing board to the table legs. Meanwhile, the shelving units will be a perfect place to accommodate water bottles or small office supplies, such as office plants. Electrical solutions integrated into the tabletop ensure convenient access to power for meetings. Nova Wood Multipurpose makes a perfect addition to your office furniture fit out.

Nova Wood Desk

Regent Armchair

Regent is a commanding and elegant statement chair. The high back provides partial visual and acoustic privacy. This privacy is ideal for moments of relaxation, concentrated focus, or merely to escape distractions. Such beautiful, upholstered fabric creates a warm and inviting place of escape. The Regent Armchair is the perfect place of refuge in an open plan office. Pair this chair with the matching Regent footstool, for the ultimate seating experience.

Regent Armchair

Lull Suspended Acoustic Panel

Lull is a range that truly lives up to its name – a temporary interval of quiet. It consists of suspended acoustic screens. This design brings a sense of quiet and calm to different zones within busy office environments.

Lull Suspended Acoustic Panel

Screens enable designers and architects to define different zones for open office space planning. This allows employees choice and flexibility over where they work, depending on the task at hand and their own personality style. Once fitted and hung to the ceiling, they act as floating room dividers. Room dividers are useful for creating smaller private areas. These can be ideal for focused work, or small team collaboration.

Lull Suspended Acoustic Panel

Lull’s exciting range of designs bring an element of visual interest, texture and creativity to an office furniture fit out. Acoustic panels reduce distraction and help improve workers’ concentration and general wellbeing.

Oases Work Booths

When it comes to office space planning trade-offs between working collaboratively and having privacy, it is important to give people a degree of choice. Offering Acoustic Office Cubicles or private phone booths, for example, is a way to offer privacy without taking up much space. Some workers need time to recharge, and privacy can help them feel calm and restful.

Oases Work Booths

As our workspaces have evolved, there has been a rapid transition towards agile and hybrid working. This developing concept focuses on providing flexible environments for employees. It is important to allow employees to choose from a variety of settings, according to the nature of what they are doing. Increasingly, employees need spaces to do focused work, as well as places to collaborate and socialize.

Oases Work Booths

Oases present an elegant collection of self-contained work zones for open-plan spaces. The upholstery forms a personal retreat for tasks that require an element of privacy and acoustic insulation. This is an ideal solution for what would be otherwise a distracting environment. Its diverse range of flexible configurations offers modular solutions for a range of office space planning. This includes single workspaces, one-to-one zones, instant dropdown points and soft seating for developing, agile and focused workspaces.

Bubba Hut

Any agile commercial office furniture design involves a mix of zoned areas. This includes those designed for collaboration and teamwork. Those areas also require the appropriate technology and communication tools. Combining areas with Acoustic Office Booths and quiet spaces can create a happier and more productive workspace. Enter, Bubba Hut – a flexible freestanding structure. Ideal for collaboration, and instantly creating opportunities for informal meetings. Bubba Hut is available in 3 sizes, and has a multitude of functionalities, including lighting options, table, USB, & power points. It is available for 2,4 & 6 people.

Need more inspiration for your office space planning? Read more about our quirky office furniture offering.

Bubba Hut on a Big Office

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