How Long Does An Office Furniture Fit Out Take?

Office furniture fit outs help to make your workspace feel new again. And if you’re considering a full revamp for your business, you might be wondering how long it will take. After all, you’ll need to plan your daily business operations around the work.

The amount of time it will take to complete your office interior refurbishment depends on several factors. These factors will determine whether your project ranges from a couple of days to a few months. It will all depend on the size of the office and complexity of the refit, as well as any issues with supplies and permissions.

Digital graphic of contemporary office space planning featuring a central soft-seating area, modern shelving units and meeting pods

But not to fear! We’ve created a helpful guide outlining how long your office space planning could take to complete.

Factors Influencing The Duration of An Office Furniture Fit Out

So, as we’ve discussed, there are many different factors that will impact the duration of your office interior refurbishment. The main points to keep in mind here include:

Size Of The Office

This is one of the key considerations when it comes to determining how long it will take to complete your office space planning. A small office will generally be far quicker to fit out than a much larger space. Not to mention, the shape of the walls and space within this. If you have a small office with an intricate shape, then the furniture you will need will probably be bespoke.

Condition Of The Office

The condition of the space will influence how long the office furniture fit out takes. If the space is already empty, it will be a quicker process than if old fixtures and workplace furniture need ripping out. Structural changes or repairs will also add more time onto the project completion date.

The Complexity Of The Office Space Design

The complexity of the work will influence how many people need to be involved and how long it will take. For example, if you’re changing the internal office structure, this will take longer and require more work than if you’re simply changing the finish of the existing space.

Digital graphic of an office furniture fit out with modern sofa unit, rectangular desks with high and low seating and round desks

Lead Times

Lead times for fixtures, furnishings and your corporate office furniture will impact the overall completion time. If you’re having bespoke workplace furniture made, this can also delay this. In particular, if it’s manufactured overseas. Likewise, surfaces, materials and fixtures that are out of stock will take longer to be delivered.


If you’re looking to integrate new facilities into your office furniture fit out, this can take a long time too. Whether you’re fitting toilets, showers, or a new office kitchen, this should all be factored into the planning process and completion timelines.

Approvals Process

Different stages of your office space planning will likely need to be signed off by different parties, such as the landlord or the council. If you’re changing the use of the building or how it looks externally, you might need planning permission before you can start work. This will make the process longer.

Employee Privacy

Will your workforce still be able to work in privacy during the refurb? If not, work might need to be completed out of office hours.

Cat A Vs Cat B Office Furniture Fit Outs

Before completing any office furniture fit out, it’s important that you understand the differences between a Cat A and a Cat B fit out. This will help manage your expectations around completion dates.

In simple terms, a Cat A fit out works towards a space that is a fully functional shell, usually finished with a suspended ceiling, lighting, heating and raised flooring.

A Cat B fit out results in a space that your business can simply move into and start working. With a Cat B fit out, you can incorporate branded finishes, bespoke workplace furniture and tailored areas to enhance your business operations.

The Importance Of Planning

When it comes to office space planning, as the name rightly says, planning is key! This means looking at the viability of all aspects of the project.

Close-up of an office worktop covered in office space designs and models with two men in smart attire making notes on a tablet

There are a whole host of factors that you will need to consider for your office space and design to be successful. To begin with, feasibility planning, researching relevant compliance aspects and looking into permissions are initial steps that require careful consideration. After this, assessing design possibilities, analysing costs and completing a risk assessment all add time to the process.

At BT Office, our in-house office space planning  and design team can help curate your entire office interior refurbishment. We ensure your business can make the most of the space available within your desired budget. To find out more about our services, please get in touch. You can also browse our wide range of corporate office furniture online.