Small Office Furniture: 10 Ultimate Space-Saving Ideas

With almost 90% of UK enterprises having less than 10 employees, you might expect it to be easy to find workplace furniture tailormade for the small office. However, with limitations on space, choosing furniture that can make the most of smaller areas can be surprisingly tricky. Fortunately, our experts are on hand to share their smart solutions for picking out the right small office furniture.

1. Choose Matching Furniture

When it comes to office furniture fit outs for smaller spaces, it helps to choose a furniture range that is all available in the same style and material. This ensures your computer desks and office storage doesn’t clash, which can cause a space to appear more cluttered than it really is. To further enhance this effect, opt for lighter colours that can make the most of natural light.

Prestige matching office furniture

2. Smart Furniture Positioning

Office storage should be positioned against or on a wall to maximise available floor space. Choose storage such as filing cabinets and bookcases that can be fitted with doors to make a tidy impression, and to keep items free from dust.

Smart looking office storage with doors

3. Declutter and Reorganise

If you’re choosing furniture for a small office, it helps to regularly clear and sort through clutter like boxes, papers, and stationary. Make sure everything has a place to go once it’s finished with. Cable tidies are a great way to safely store away loose cables and avoid slips and trips.

Desk cable tidy holding USB cable

4. Floor-to-Ceiling Wall Storage Solutions

The key to making small office spaces work is to use office storage solutions that don’t create a sense of overcrowding. One way to do this is to utilise the entire wall space with wall storage options. These create plenty of space to neatly stash away clutter and paperwork and still make the space feel more open.

Wall to ceiling office storage unit

5. Use Screens to Divide the Space When Needed

If you need to divide up the space from time to time, consider folding screens or curtains. The Rio Mobile Screen can be the perfect small office furniture solution for dividing up the space without compromising size.

Acoustic Office Pod

6. Use Lighting to Make the Space Feel Bigger

Instead of ceiling lights, opt for desk or floor lamps to draw the eye around the room. These workplace furniture solutions are also better for helping staff see their work. Desk lamps can be positioned wherever needed and can help with avoiding eye strain.

Lighting being used to make office space bigger

7. Choose Desks with Exposed Legs

Business office furniture that closes off floor space can make a room feel smaller and more cluttered. Instead, opt for furniture with exposed legs as these can be key to making a space appear larger. At the same time, encourage employees to hang their bags and coats up on hooks instead of under their desks.

Glass top office desk with exposed legs

8. Use Mirrors

Strategically place mirrors near windows to reflect natural light around the room. Paired with lighter window coverings like blinds, they can really bounce around light around the darkest and smallest spaces.

Mirror reflecting natural light

9. Consider Folding Meeting Tables

If you have a small office space, chances are you also have a small meeting space. Folding meeting tables are perfect for smaller meeting rooms and offices because they can be stored away after use. They’re also perfect for hot desking as they can be easily moved around.

Eureka modular folding office table

10. Implement a ‘Clear Desk’ Rule

Make sure employees clear their desks at the end of the day. This will not only help keep the office tidy, minimising clutter and overcrowding, but it’ll also mean that valuable laptops, paperwork, and devices are securely stored away in the event of an overnight break in.

White with chrome legs las imeet meeting table

Are you looking for help choosing the right small office furniture for your own spaceGet in touch with our office furniture fit out team. You can reach us at [email protected] or by calling 0800 298 7033.