Cantilever Office Chairs

Choosing cantilever meeting chairs

Decide on the finish you require i.e. wood frame or metal cantilever frame, then consider if leather or fabric would be more appropriate. Also consider the width of the chairs as cantilever office chairs can be quite large, especially those with wood frames.

As you browse our products you’ll see that there are numerous different options to choose from, such as with or without arms. In addition, swatch books are available to download so your cantilever seats can be ordered to match your existing office design.

If you look at the chairs in the prouduct range above it is likely that you have noticed a difference when compared to the traditional four-leg chair.

A cantilever chair has the signature L-shaped, one piece leg that supports the chair. Often these chairs provide a small amount of bounce due to the way the legs support the chair.

  • Free delivery and assembly where required*
  • Large range of upholstry and feature options
  • Ability to stack some chair ranges as a useful space saving option for smaller offices
  • Chairs to suite every budget
Are cantilever chairs good?

These chairs are excellent for regular staff seating, visitors and meetings. The wide range of options and styles make them an excellent choice of office chair.

How does a cantilever chair work?

The strength and design of the leg ensures that there is full support for the person being seated. Cantilevers are widely found in construction and this type of design offers great support.

When was the cantilever chair invented?

According to Wikipedia, Marcel Breuer first used bent and polished tubular steel as the supporting framework and a decorative element for furniture in 1925. Mart Stam was awarded the European patent for the cantilever chair in 1926.

Are cantilever chairs good for posture?

A well-designed ergonomic office chair will be good for posture, regardless of whether it has a cantilever or not. Find out more on our ergonomic office chair buying guide.