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Office chairs with wheels seem to dominate the market. There is so much attention given to them that it can be easy to forget that there are office chairs without wheels too.

Having wheels on your office chair has a lot of advantages, but office chairs with no wheels have some benefits too. In this article we would like to talk about the different types of office chairs you can find, as well as mentioning some advantages of having office chairs without wheels.

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Why do Office Chairs have wheels?

Let’s start with an interesting anecdote. Office chairs have wheels thanks to Charles Darwin. Back in the 1840s, Darwin added wheels to his chair so that he could move around his study. What Darwin did not imagine is that his invention would still be around almost two centuries later!

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Office Chairs Without Wheels – Advantages

Desk Chairs without wheels are generally less expensive compared to wheeled models. They can be a better choice for offices with wooden floors, or if the desk and chair are located on a platform. They are also simpler and easier to assemble. Finally, it could be said that office chairs with no wheels offer more stability and fewer opportunities for distraction, so that you can focus on your work. They are often preferred for home offices too. Static Office Chairs are a better option for meeting rooms, reception areas and breakout areas.

4 Legs vs 5 Wheels

Traditionally chairs had four legs. This was because it was easier to build the wooden chairs that way. Eventually, however, they were joined by 5 wheel models. The reason for these five wheels is because this provides a firm foundation for the chair to sit on and gives better balance whilst working. By increasing the number of points where the chair meets the floor, you are spreading the load, and so chairs will not sink so far into say a carpeted surface.

If you have an uneven floor, a chair with five castors is better. With four wheels, the chair will wobble, which will be very annoying. With five casters on the same piece of the floor, there will be no wobble because a minimum of four wheels will always be in contact with the ground. Also the ability to move your legs and increase circulation by pushing and pulling the chair in and out, whilst working, offers a degree of health benefits that static chairs do not offer.

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Office Chairs Without wheels-Disadvantages

With these chairs you won’t have the ease of movement that comes with a wheeled chair, and there are less models to choose from. Some of the static office chairs don’t feature armrests or adjustable support, for example.

These days, however, you can actually have any swivel office chair on stilts rather than castors. You might do this if you have a very deep piled carpet, or maybe if you just don’t want the chair to move.

Many of the chairs we have on our Website with wheels can be static.

If you replace the castors with stilts, it shouldn’t make any difference to the cost of the chair.

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Others chairs for office environments

There many other types of chairs that can be found in offices, such as: 4 Leg Swivel Chairs, Cantilever Office Chairs, Leather Meeting Chairs, Mesh Back Meeting Chairs, Stacking meeting Chairs, Training Room Meeting Chairs, Wood Frame meeting Chairs, Office Chairs for Tall People 2022 – 6′ Plus 

Those mentioned above are not recommended for anything other than short term seating, such as for use in meeting rooms. They are reasonably comfortable, but lack the support necessary for extended use.

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Office chairs are crucial for a productive office environment, so it is worth taking your time to evaluate the different options. If you need help in selecting the best office chairs or Office Space planning, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our Office furniture experts are always happy to help you. Get in touch today.