Office Pods – 5 Key Productivity Benefits for your Office

Office pods are an essential part of modern open office space planning. But if you’re thinking about adding office pods to your office furniture fit out and you’re not sure about the benefits of them or where to buy them, read on.

What are office pods?

Office pods contain desks with usually 3-4 sides and often a roof. They offer an enclosed space away from noise and distractions in open office space planning. Office pods are easily moved around too. Some have acoustic qualities and can block out the noise around them. They’re a great solution for offering space to focus on a large open office.

Key Benefits of Office Pods

1. They block out sound

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of including office pods in office space planning is that they block out noise. They also stop noise coming in too, especially acoustic office pods which aim to block noise by up to 100%.

2. They are great for neurodivergent employees

Neurodiversity has been an ever-present factor in offices. It’s only recently workplaces are catering for employees with different neurological needs. Many people with neurological differences need quiet places to focus. Conditions like dyslexia, dyscalculia, ADHD and autism often cause extreme anxiety in large open spaces. Choosing the right commercial office furniture can improve the wellbeing of employees with neurological conditions.

Neurodiversity diagram

Office pods are the perfect cost-effective solution for catering for neurodiversity. Giving employees a quiet place to focus and gather thoughts will make them more productive employees as a result. Buzzi Bracks are a great option because they create customisable spaces. They also block out sound and distractions with sound-absorbing screens. As commercial office furniture suppliers, we offer them in a range of calming colours, too.

Buzzi Brack office pod

3. They’re great for conference calls

Business office furniture is extremely important if your organisation relies on remote conference calling for client meetings and catch ups office pods are the perfect solution. Open offices can be noisy places and calls are frequently interrupted by noise from elsewhere in the office. If you have this problem with your current office space planning, then it’s time to think about office pods. Equally, noise from conference calls can be disruptive to neighbouring colleagues too. Designed with calls in mind, acoustic office pods in many ways resemble phone booths.

Era hoozone telephone booth

4. They provide spaces to focus in otherwise open offices

Neurodivergent or not, it’s well known that open office space planning makes employees less productive while increasing sickness and stress. But open office space planning is extremely cost-effective, making it a popular choice. Office pods can help create focus zones very quickly and cost-effectively, compared with redesigning an entire office.

Six person office booth

5. Meeting pods save precious meeting room time

Meeting rooms are a scarce commodity in any office. Having somewhere private to meet for 121s, catch-ups and small meetings of 4 or less people is important. This means that meeting rooms are free for larger meetings and external meetings. Larger office pods like train carriage style office pods are great for blocking out noise and distractions. They also have seating for more than 3 people.

Railway carriage booth with roof

Are you spoilt for choice with the huge range of office pods on the market? Contact us at BT Office today – we’ll help you find an office pod perfect for your office furniture fit-out. As office furniture suppliers we offer a wide range of business office furniture as well as office space planning.