Pigeon Hole Storage Buying Guide

Pigeon holes are used in a variety of environments: schools, universities, offices, factories, the postal service, and shops, to mention just a few. If you need a place to store documents, books or other objects, they are a great solution. Not only do pigeon holes make for outstanding storage units, they can easily be installed in most places, and they are designed to maximize space. Simple and versatile, pigeon holes come in different sizes, so you can easily customize them according to your needs.

Where did the term ‘pigeon hole’ came from?

In medieval times, pigeon holes were originally used to house pigeons, in a pigeon cote. These would either be set into a wall, or else purpose-built in order to house the pigeons. Therefore, the first uses of small compartments in cabinets and other office furniture reminded people of pigeon cotes, and the name stuck.

Type of Pigeon Holes

  • Wooden: Functional storage solution, especially for shops, cafes.
  • Industrial: Made from metal or wood, or a combination of both. Usually used in classic industrial settings. Great solution for home or retro shop environments.
  • Benches: These can be found in educational settings. They are benches made from wire, which provide storage space underneath for shoes and accessories.
  •  Lockers. These are lockers arranged in the traditional style of pigeon holes. Found in factories, offices, and environmental settings, too.
  • Cupboards. Traditional pigeon holes are open, but it is possible for them to have a door. This is ideal if you want store equipment or documents without having them on display.

Metal Pigeon Holes

Benefits of using Pigeon Holes

  • Space: This type of storage maximise space. They can be customised to fit virtually any space available in a building.
  • There are many benefits of using Pigeon Holes, not only in terms of organisation, as they so flexible and easy to maintain.
  • Communication:  If you have a workplace with many people handling different roles, pigeon holes are a good way of sorting communication between individuals and departments.
  • Variability / Flexibility: When it comes to pigeon holes, there is literally no restriction as to what you can use them for.
  • Simplicity: Pigeon holes have a simple and effective design, and are available in a range different materials.
  • Easy to Maintain: Construction is simple and you can install units in most areas.

Pigeon Holes Different Sizes

Our Pigeon holes at BT Office Furniture

Our pigeon holes have a solid 18mm thick MFC back. They come in two widths, 800mm and 100mm, with a depth of 350mm – that’s deep enough to take an A4 envelope/file or paper. Different heights are available: 725mm (desk high), 847mm, 1252mm, 1657mm & 2062mm. These are the same heights as the bookcases, cupboards and tables within the range, so they can be placed next to each other.

Check out our Imperial pigeon hole design here: https://btoffice.co.uk/product/pigeon-hole-unit/

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BT Office Furniture

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