Top 5 Products to improve Collaboration in the Workplace

Collaborative office furniture can transform your workplace into a lively and welcoming space that sparks creativity and innovation. Studies say companies who create collaborative workspaces are five times more likely to be high performing and more profitable. Therefore, when it comes to selecting your collaborative Office Furniture, it’s important to get it just right.

In this blog we will be showcasing some great office collaborative products that you can find on our website, and that would make a great addition to any office fit out.

Martin Work Table

Because they feel motivated toward common goals, collaborative teams have been found to perform up to 5 times better. Collaborative tables/ desks allow users to come together for group projects and discussions, to share information and ideas. A great example would be the Martin Work Table.

Simple and elegant, Martin Work Table features a reduced footprint depth of 1400mm and sports an ample worksurface, making it ideal for most spaces. The use of intermediate legs allows the bench to grow according to your needs, whilst still maintaining the informal and friendly feel of a collaborative worktable.

The bench features a central cable access channel, which may be customised by the use of different cable cover materials: Perpex, fabric or wood veneer. The fabric option also brings the opportunity to introduce a ‘splash’ of colour to the workstation.

Martin Worktable for Collaboration Blog

Platfroms Auditorium Seating Modules

The idea of collaborative furniture is to make the most of your available area. You don’t need to set aside a whole room in order to create a collaborative environment. Our Platforms Auditorium Seating Modules range is a collection of simple and flexible 2-tier auditorium seating modules, which can be configured in a multitude of ways, to create environments for education and presenting.

A range of configurations work to create your ideal learning space. Modules feature under-seat storage and upholstered seat pads as standard, for convenience and comfort. Extra options include integrated power for connectivity, lockable casters for mobility, and floor coverings for protection. Platforms is available in three modules: 1350mm and 1540mm wide straights as well as 1155 mm wide corner unit. All modules are constructed from durable 16mm natural birch veneer plywood.

Platform Auditorium Seating

Bubba Connect

For greater collaboration, Bubba Connect helps bring more people together than ever before. With options to customize meeting booths, Modular seating, high back sofas, and breakout landscapes, and specifically designed to mee the flexible needs of a commercial environment, Bubba Connect brings a flexible & dynamic rhythm to your working space.

Created with agile working in mind, Bubba Connect has been specifically created to offer a seamless combination of collaborative & focused working spaces, responding to how we now live and work. The range also offers an optional range of visible/invisible wireless charging & power points.

Bubba Connect Collaborative Office Furniture

Hive Media Unit

When designing your collaborative areas, remember that integrating technology into the space will support both information sharing and ideas generation. Integrating technology into the space also means that employees can connect their laptops and tables and share relevant information with colleagues.

A great example of integrating technology to the workplace is Hive Media Unit. Hive is an innovative and award-winning modular system. Hive has integrated technology, including power modules and Wifi. It also has options for fixed or freestanding TBs and displays.

Hive Media Units for Blog

Hive modular facilitates a multitude of ways of working through the creation of configurable and connected spaces. Designed to enable spaces to flex and adapt through the use of easy to assemble modules, different shapes can be configured, making every space unique to the needs of the environment. An innovative and award-winning modular system, Hive has integrated technology, including power modules and WiFi, options for fixed or freestanding TVs and displays.

The versatility provided by Hive is based around just four main components: Benches, Backs, Screens and Work Rails. The modules can be straight or curved and are available in a choice of widths & heights. Hive flexes a great selection of fabrics and finishes, to reflect the brand and culture of any environment.

Evolve Poseur Table

Evolve Poseur table is stylish, practical addition to your collaborative office workplace. Closer participation saves time spent duplicating work and reinventing the same solutions. As a consequence, your team will finish tasks faster and meet deadlines more easily.

Evolve is a modern, versatile range of boardroom and breakout tables. Available with Solid Oak or with painted RAL finish legs, Evolve provides the ability to create unique colour combinations to enhance any space. Dining, poseur and reception table heights, as well as an extensive selection of table top shapes and sizes, offers the flexibility required to bring coherence to an interior, creating a satisfying environment for all.

Evolve Poseur Table

BT Office Furniture

Looking for an office furniture fit out with collaborative areas? As a commercial office furniture supplier, we can help you. With more than 50 years’ combined office space planning, we have the knowledge to help you to get the best office layout possible. Contact us today.