5 Benefits of Office Bench Desks

Easily adaptable, bench desks are particularly suited to the modern office. They’re the perfect choice for businesses looking to maximise their space and promote collaboration. In this article, we’re looking at some of the main advantages of office bench desk systems.

What are Office Bench Desks?

Bench desk systems attach individual desks together to create one long workspace. This allows employees to sit on both sides of the bench, making the most of the workspace available. Bench desks are often used in open-plan offices and environments where employees tend to work in close proximity together.

At BT Office Furniture, we stock a wide range of bench desks for offices in a variety of sizes and finishes. No matter what style you’re looking for, you’ll be sure to find quality office desks that meet your needs.

Collaboration & Communication

Office bench desks promote an agile working environment. They do this by allowing members of staff to sit together, creating a positive workspace for communication. Due to this, bench desk systems are often preferred in offices where effective teamwork is important. The setup naturally brings employees together in an inclusive way. As such, bench desks can cut across the hierarchy and help to engage staff.

bench desk systems in busy modern office with employees communicating together


Bench desks for offices are designed to save space. One way they do this is by allowing the desk surface to be split using dividing screens, creating two workspaces from one desk. This maximises the space available and increases communication.

They also utilise a shared leg frame. This allows for double-width horizontal cable trays and vertical cable management from the cable tray to the floor. The leg is shared, rather than having two separate legs next to one another. These middle legs are often set back from the desktop, to improve leg space for users and also allow a user to sit where the desks join.

For office storage, most bench desks for businesses are large enough to fit a storage cabinet underneath. Many also come with inbuilt drawers, further helping to reduce office clutter.

Bench Desks in trendy and colorful office


With the way they share components, bench desks for offices can be highly affordable systems. Their flexibility makes them a more cost-effective solution than other commercial office desks. They tend to last longer too.

bench desks in trendy and colourful office

Design & Layout

Due to their popularity, office bench desks are often available in a variety of colours and different frames. With this in mind, it should be easy to achieve the right look for your office and brand. Contemporary desks for businesses can be complemented with office chairs, stools or benches in the same design, range, or colour.

office bench desks in a minimalist white office


Bench desks for offices are more flexible than single desks because they can accommodate many people. Depending on your business requirements, additional workstations can also be added. As such, bench desks are great for both hot-desking and hybrid working. When not used as desks, they can also be utilised for informal meetings or to create breakout areas.

modern bench desk systems in rustic office environment

Corporate Office Desks From BT Office Furniture

Bench desks promote collaboration, are highly flexible, and can be very cost-effective. At BT Office Furniture, we stock a wide range of bench desk systems to suit all needs. For more information, or to book a free space planning service, please contact us at [email protected]. You can also call our office on 0800 298 7033