5 Storages Ideas For Making The Most Of Your Office Space

A tidy, well-organised office is of great benefit to employees. As well as looking good, a coordinated space can increase productivity and enhance overall wellbeing. Not only that, but a tidy workplace can also have a considerable impact on performance. All of which leads to one question: what’s the best way to create that optimal, streamlined office space? Well, the simplest answer is to implement a range of innovative office storage solutions. We’re taking a look at a few clever storage ideas to help achieve that well-organised space.

Room Divider Shelves

Modular room dividers are a great office storage system that require minimal space in the overall floorplan. Originally created to divide spaces whilst still maintaining an open plan feel, they also double up as effective shelving units. The modular grid elements are created from steel frames but enhanced with lovely wooden elements, ensuring an aesthetic appeal no matter your office’s design.

These office storage solutions come in a choice of shelving, boxes, planters, lockers, and cupboards. Also available with a range of accessories for customisation, they can easily be configured in a number of creative ways that without compromising functionality.

Modern office interior with modular room divider storage shelves

Office Storage Walls

Especially suited for smaller workplaces, the strategic use of vertical storage systems can be a real game-changer. As a solid, space-dividing solution, our office storage walls are highly adaptable. Their modular system can be easily reconfigured to suit the confines of any space. They’re adaptable, relocatable, and interchangeable. Plus, they can be used for a range of purposes: as personal storage, a standard shelving module, or as a locker.

All our office storage walls are available from BT Office in a variety of finishes to suit the design of all interiors.

Office storage wall with built in media cabinet

Office Meeting Points

Meeting points, or high island tables, can serve as an ideal combination of both storage unit and large meeting top. This versatility makes them the ideal office storage solution for open plan workspaces where the occasional meeting space is required.

Storage below the island table can be configured to suit different surface tops, and they can be made to order in any size or shape required. By adding a common top to the office storage system, they can also double up as standing or stool-height meeting areas. These islands can also be used to provide storage within breakout spaces.

To achieve the optimum storage solution in your own office, the storage units beneath would ideally be sliding tambour doors. If you aim for 1m high with a 25mm top, this would be the perfect height for use with high stools.

Under-Desk Storage Drawers

If you have a small office, cleverly utilising your under-desk space for storage can be a way to maximise space. Under-desk storage drawers, when thoughtfully incorporated into your office, can result in a more organised, functional, and aesthetically pleasing environment. This in turn is going to positively influence your productivity. Mobile desk pedestals, for example, can be placed under your desk, providing extra storage for files and office essentials.

Contemporary office bench desks with mobile under-desk storage drawers

Tambour Units

Tambour units are another ideal office storage solution thanks to their large capacity for storing files, boxes, and stationery. A tambour cupboard can come in a range of different sizes and shapes, but what truly makes it a tambour is the ‘tambour door’. This door consists of strips that can be either metal or plastic, and that are fixed together to allow the doors to flex. This means they can easily slide round the back of the cupboard when opened.

There are two main types of tambour office storage system: side openings and up-style openings. The side opening doors are the most common, which is where the door retracts sideways around the cupboard. Up-style tambour units, on the other hand, will open and close vertically as opposed to horizontally.

Tambour units can be great space savers. They can also be locked for extra security, so they’re the perfect office storage solution if you need to regularly store sensitive information or personal items. Check our full range of office tambours from BT Office online.

Pair of high and low office tambour storage units

Storage Solutions from BT Office Furniture

At BT Office, we provide a wide range of high-quality office storage systems. From regular cupboards and storage units to mobile and static desk pedestals, we have solutions for any space. All our office storage options are available in a variety of finishes including MFC and veneers, so you can ensure they follow the current style of your workplace. Our range can complement any office and provide your business with the storage it needs to maintain a smooth-running and organised atmosphere.

Are you looking to enhance the storage options available in your own office space? Get in touch today and speak to us about your office storage system requirements. You can reach us at [email protected] or by calling 0800 298 7033.