How to Make A Reception Area More Welcoming

The reception area often goes under the radar but can be one of the most important parts of your business. It offers your first chance to make an impression and promote an understanding of your company. With this in mind, a good reception needs to be comfortable, tidy, and reflective of your business’s identity. You need to pay as much attention to your office reception furniture as you would to the design and layout of your main office spaces. In this blog, we’re focusing on how to use workplace furniture to make a welcoming reception area.

Modern office waiting area with plants, soft seating, and natural lighting

Main Areas of Reception Furniture

  • Receptiondesks
  • Comfortable receptionseating for guests, visitors, and receptionists
  • Acoustic office furniture
  • Laptop Tables and accessible plugs
  • Company Branding with clear colour scheme
  • Lighting
  • Plants and finishing touches

Reception Desks

The main focal point of any office reception furniture will usually be the reception desk or reception counter. You should choose a reception desk that feels welcoming and is visible as soon as visitors enter the building. It should also be accessible or adaptable for disabled visitors and users.

When it comes to size, a reception desk should be proportional to your reception space. If you have a small space, go for a small desk. If you have a large space, go for a large desk!

Next, you should consider how your reception desk will appear in your office. The surface should be kept clean, tidy, and free from clutter, and ideally will face the door. It should also be paired with suitable reception seating and chairs. A reception chair should be ergonomic and adjustable so that your receptionists remain comfortable. There are many stylish reception desks to choose from, available in a variety of finishes.

Stylish modern office reception with natural lighting and soft seating

Comfortable Reception Seating

Comfort is essential in any waiting area, so include reception seating in your business office furniture. The atmosphere should be welcoming and promote an agile working environment. Soft seating is great for allowing people to feel relaxed and at ease. Lounge chairs, modular reception seating, office sofas, and reception sofas, are all effective choices for reception furniture.

You could also add laptop tables that can be used by visitors and employees, as well as accessible plugs and phone charging. Colour schemes can also contribute here. Try to use colours that represent your brand.

Reception space in a stylish industrial-themed office area

Acoustic Office Furniture

Reception areas can be quiet in one moment, and then noisy, bustling spaces in the next. Acoustic office furniture is your best friend here. This workplace furniture can help maintain private spaces within busy environments. As well as improving wellbeing, acoustic office furniture creates a welcoming, stylish workplace.

Highback sofas and acoustic office pods are often ideal for office reception furniture. A high-back sofa, for example, can be used for informal meetings in larger reception areas. At BT Office, we have a stunning collection of acoustic furniture, available in a wide variety of colours and finishes.


High-backed acoustic seating in an office reception area

Reception Lighting

Lighting plays a big part in the way we feel and perform in a particular space. As such, getting it right with your office reception furniture is key.

Wherever possible, windows should be open to allow fresh air in. If natural light is not possible, LED lighting is a good second option. LED lighting not only improves the appearance of your reception area, but can also reduce your energy consumption bills by up to 70%. LED bulbs also last longer than traditional fluorescent lighting.

Modern office reception area with LED lighting

Plants And Finishing Touches

Plants should always be present in any reception area. Humans are naturally drawn to plants; they make us feel relaxed and in a healthy environment. Past practice has shown us that bringing the outdoors inside always creates a positive impression.

If you have limited reception space, living green walls can offer another solution. These are made up of panels of plants that are grown vertically using hydroponics. These structures can be either free-standing or attached to walls.

Another effective option is to use wall panels lined with moss. Known as Naturemoss, these wall panels offer an affordable way to access the world of biophilic design.

Modern office reception area with natural plant and moss walls

Reception Furniture from BT Office Furniture

First impressions play such an important part in our lives. That goes for our businesses too. Your office reception furniture should reflect everything your business stands for. At BT Office Furniture, we have many years of experience designing reception areas. Talk to one of our experts today to discuss your requirements. Call us on 0800 298 7033 or email [email protected].