The Best Office Desks For Two Or Three Monitors

Having a quality office desk that can hold everything you need for your job is essential. In this article, we’ll discuss the best commercial office desks for those whose day-to-day tasks require multiple monitors. What size desk should you look for? What shape would be the most ergonomic? What are the best desks for two or three monitors? Keep reading for answers to all these questions and more.

Benefits of Using More Than One Monitor

It’s no secret that a multiple-monitor setup on your office desk can help increase productivity. Recent studies have shown that a second monitor drastically reduces the time it takes to complete a wide variety of tasks, whether that’s web development, design, or even music. With two or three monitors, you can see much more at any one time without having to change between windows. That said, before you can enlist in a multi-screen setup, you need to ensure you have the space for these extra monitors. That’s where the importance of choosing the right desks for business comes in.

Desk Types And Shapes To Look Out For

One option is to consider adjustable desks. These have the benefit of being able to set the height at the perfect level, and it’s been proven that people work more effectively using these types of corporate office desks. A standing desk is also a great way to change things up during the day and keep your body moving.

When it comes to desk shapes, consider an L-Shaped desk. These can provide much more space than a standard bench desk, preventing your workspace from becoming cramped by your multiple-monitor setup.

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What is a good size desk for 2 monitors?

When buying a corporate desk for two monitors, consider sizes ranging from 160cm wide and 71cm deep. This depth will provide enough space for your keyboard and mouse while still allowing room to write.

What is A Good Size Desk for 3 Monitors?

To comfortably house three monitors, look for a quality office desk that’s at least 140cm wide and 90cm deep. A triple monitor setup is a common practice for gamers and people who work on complex tasks. However, such setups can be heavy. A triple-monitor desk needs to be made with the right material and a strong frame.

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Our Corporate Desk Recommendations AT BT Office

At BT Office, the Pure Office Desk is our modern take on affordable desking. Pure offers an extensive portfolio of unique desktop shapes available either 80cm or 60cm deep. The range also has 2 tone colour options as standard, along with multiple cost saving combination options.

Simple rectangular bench desk with two monitors

Pure bench desks are helpful for desk cable management, making them ideal for schools and universities. These desktops can be scooped on the back edge or supplied with cable ports at no extra cost. Legs are also predrilled for screen brackets, making the system work with triple-tool rail screens for monitor arms. Cable ports as standard with an 80mm modesty panel opening make for simple cable routing using mounted cable trays.

Pure 120 segment combination desk featuring three workstations each with three monitors

The Pure 120° segment combination desk saves vital office space when creating groups of three workstations due to the integrated three-drawer pedestal.

Diagram with dimensions showing the spacing of Pure 120 segment combination desks.

BT Office Furniture

If you’re looking for a desk setup to hold multiple monitors, you’ve come to the right place. At BT Office, we specialise in providing high-quality office furniture including bench desk systems and desks for businesses.

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