4 Leg & Swivel Chairs

Four Legged Meeting Chairs

Our extensive range of four leg chairs includes plastic, wood, leather and fabric upholstered. 4-leg chairs vary in style from fun to traditional or contemporary and modern. Four legged chairs are popular choices for meeting rooms, boardrooms and interview rooms but can be used in many other situations as well. Four leg chairs can also be used as visitor chairs or reception chairs.

How to Choose

Firstly choose a style i.e. modern or traditional and then consider how long on average someone will sit in the chair you are choosing. Anything over a couple of hours would probably need to be upholstered in a fabric or leather, rather than just being a wood or plastic shell.

Our 4-legged chairs start from just £34.00 and we offer free delivery and assembly throughout the UK. Please contact one of our friendly consultants today to discuss your meeting room seating options.