Stacking Meeting Chairs

Stackable chairs are ideal when you need to utilize space efficiently. By using stacking meeting chairs you can arrange a room that best serves the purpose of a particular event, making them ideal for a multi-purpose room e.g. in a small office, halls and schools.

Our stackable meeting chairs and boardroom chairs come in a range of styles and finishes, suited to every need. If you’re short of space we recommend choosing a plastic or wooden chair as they can be stacked much higher than upholstered chairs.

Stacking office chairs

Stacking chairs are incredibly versatile and perfect for optimising space and efficiency in any working or office environment.

Here at BT Office, we provide a wide range of robust, stylish and functional stacking office chairs that are ideal for small and large office spaces, halls, and schools. Available in a in a range of styles, colours, and finishes, our range of stacking chairs will accommodate all your seating needs, in a vast range of environments.

Designed to stack with effortless ease, stacking office chairs are a great way to save space and arrange a room in the most efficient and effective way, whether that’s an exam setting, conference, meeting, or training event.

All of stackable meeting room chairs and boardroom chairs are incredibly versatile and are equipped to meet the demands of everyday use.

Built to last, our range includes the BT Office ISO Vinyl 4 Leg Meeting Chair, the BT Office ISO Fabric 4 Leg Meeting Chair Chrome and the Brunswick Mesh Back Meeting Chair. All boast robust features and offer lots of support, making them ideal for any application where comfort is required for optimum performance.

So, if you’re looking to safe space in your office or you’re looking to create a neat and tidy working space, check out our full range of stacking chairs today, and complement these with other space saving folding meeting room tables or tilt top tables.