What is An Office Furniture Fit – Out

An office furniture fit-out is the transformation of a space into a suitable office environment. A good office design and fit-out does this by creating a comfortable, efficient working space that keeps the needs of the business in mind. But if you’re planning a fit-out for your own office, where’s the best place to begin? Keep reading to learn about the different styles of office furniture fit-out and find our workplace furniture checklist of what it should include.

Different Styles of Commercial Office Fit-Outs

An office furniture fit-out often begins with an empty space just waiting to be transformed. There are four main classifications of commercial fit-out, each reflecting different stages in the design and build phase. The main one is known as Shell & Core, followed by Cat A, Cat B, and Cat A+.

  • Shell & Core– This is technically the state of a building before any type of office design and fit-out occurs, and refers to the concrete and metal frame of a weather-proofed space. It may look complete from the outside, but inside, the building’s services are yet to be installed.
  • Cat A– A Category A commercial fit-out includes basic finishes to the floors, walls and ceilings. While the space itself is finished, it contains no fixtures and fittings, including features such as partitions, meeting rooms, or the layout of individual offices. Cat A fit-out projects are mostly undertaken on behalf of landlords who want to make their spaces suitable to be leased out.
  • Cat B– Category B fit-outs take the empty Cat A space and make it fit for purpose so that a tenant can move in and start using it. A Cat B fit-out includes everything from IT infrastructure and audiovisuals, to complete installation of kitchen areas, reception areas, and meeting rooms. As part of the design process, the incoming tenant will usually work with designers, project managers, and specialist contractors in order to plan, create, and construct the finished office.
  • Cat A+ –Finally, a Category A+ fit-out sits somewhere between a Cat A and Cat B fit-out. Cat A+ is a way of creating a functional office that a tenant can move into, while only having to make minimal adjustments here and there.

An overview of an office furniture fit-including bench desks and modern office partitions.

The Benefits Of An Office Furniture Fit-Out

A commercial office fit-out presents an opportunity to tailor your office interior and layout in a way that will be most beneficial for your business. Some of the main reasons to undertake a fit-out include:

Creating A Healthier Workspace

It’s important that your workspace is comfortable for your staff. A good way to solve this problem is with a fit-out that includes workplace furniture such as ergonomic seating and office desks.

Office Space Planning

Office Space Planning can be of particular help if you’re looking to create an agile and collaborative working environment. Take into account employee numbers, working styles, teams, and departments. There are also regulations in place that must be adhered to, such as the minimum space between desks, seats, walkways, and doors.

Commercial office furniture fit out overview including open plan office and meeting rooms.

Growing Your Business

If your business is expanding, you’ll usually require a larger and more functional office. An office furniture fit-out is the perfect solution to really transform a workspace and get the most out of it, allowing for the maximum number of employees.


Render of an Office showing acoustic office furniture

Downsizing A Business

Downsizing can also be an opportunity to redefine a space using an office furniture fit-out. This could include removing furniture and equipment while creating a fresh open area. You’ll be amazed how the same space can be transformed

Change Of Branding

Are you thinking about a new image? New branding? Different colours? There comes a time when some workspaces no longer seem to match the business brand. Ideally your office should reflect your company. This is an area where an office design and fit-out can really help.

Modern office interior with communal seating

Increasing Productivity

A complete workspace transformation can greatly increase productivity. As well as making interiors more vibrant, a new splash of colour here and there can do wonders for staff morale.

Creating A Sustainable Office

The sustainability of a commercial office fit-out is determined by the design, materials, and the waste generated in the delivery of the project. Having an eco-friendly office space can greatly reduce your carbon footprint. Low-carbon office furniture fit-outs have become the norm as companies continue to set their own net zero targets.

Office Furniture Fit-Out Checklist

Planning a commercial fit-out requires some careful consideration. This checklist should help:

Involve Staff In The Plan

Ideally, the team who will be working in the space should be involved in the project. Ask for their thoughts and opinions on the current office design. What works for them? What doesn’t work? What’s missing? What would they like to see in the new space? What would they like the new project to achieve?


Everything starts with a budget. Setting up a realistic budget will provide you with an understanding of what you can and can’t afford, and what kind of visions are achievable.

Planning And Zoning

You need to map out your office space. Plan the meeting rooms, break areas, and so on.

Interior office design planning with partitions and meeting pods

Business Office Furniture

Buying the right workplace furniture, such as office desks and ergonomic chairs, will benefit your business by improving the running of day-to-day processes. BT Office Furniture can provide you with a variety of office furniture that will enhance your new office space.

Office Storage

When it comes to office storage, start with basic, simple questions, and work from there. What do you need to store? What sort of storage do you need? Who needs access to it and how often? Office storage directly affects the way people work, so an office furniture fit-out is a good time to take advantage and declutter.

Office interior with communal workplaces and seating

IT and Technology

Technology should be a key consideration in your office space planning. Failing to implement technology can lead to many issues down the line. Take time to consider your technology requirements and who needs access to what.

BT Office Furniture

At BT Office, we provide complete office furniture fit-out, refurbishment, and installation services. We have a huge range of office furniture to cater for every need, from seating and desks to meeting room and reception furniture. Our experienced team will work with you to ensure your project is completed on time and in budget.

We like to begin all office furniture fit-out projects with an initial discussion to identify your requirements and priorities. To find out more, email us at [email protected] or call 0800 298 70300 and one of our experienced sales staff will be happy to help