A Guide To Commercial Office Furniture Essentials

A commercial fit-out for a new office can be a daunting process. After all, this is a space where your employees will spend significant portions of their time, and it’s their work that will really drive your business. For the best results then, you need to create a relaxing, collaborative atmosphere while also providing areas for employees to work individually. If that sounds like an impossible task, fear not: our experts in commercial office furniture are on hand to share their advice.

Commercial Office Fit -Out – First Steps

Before getting started on your office furniture fit-out, there are a couple of important points to consider. First and foremost, you should bear in mind the type of office that will suit your business. In most cases, this will be a space that can adapt and cater for a diversity of people with different needs and preferences. It is unlikely an office will have just one team of people, and each team is likely to have different requirements. Considering what these might be from the outset will help you create a functional and successful workplace.

Once you have your initial layout in mind, it’s time to think about choosing your commercial office furniture. We have broken down the main categories below.

Commercial Office Chairs

With staff spending several hours or more in an office chair each day, this is perhaps the most important piece of business office furniture to consider. The two main points here are comfort and ergonomics. Bearing in mind that everyone is different, adaptable chairs with different settings will be required to meet individual needs. At the same time, look for a design and décor that complements your unique office environment.

At BT Office, we have a vast selection of office chairs that will enable you and your team to get the most from your office space. To learn more about how to choose an office chair, check out our article: ‘The Ultimate Guide to Choosing an Office Chair’.

A modern office bench desk with adjustable commercial office chairs

Commercial Office Desks

Even the smallest office needs a desk. However, it’s the design of the desk that will directly affect functionality, productivity, and the overall look of the environment. The main consideration when selecting an office desk is to think about who will be using it and the work they will be doing.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What sort of commercial office deskwould be ideal for productivity?
  • How much physical storage will theuser need?

To find more about choosing the best office desks, read our article: ‘How to Choose the Perfect Office Desk For Your Workplace’.

An L-shaped commercial office desk with a wooden finish and contemporary black trim.

Breakout Furniture

Having breakout areas throughout an office is essential for modern office life. These are areas where employees can set their work to the side and bond on a personal level, in turn building teamwork and collaborative skills. As such, these should be relaxing spaces that invite rest and playfulness.

A great option to create an effective breakout area is with office soft seating. Examples of suitable commercial office furniture might include comfortable sofas, armchairs, and lounge chairs, or even bistro seating, coffee tables, and food benches. With office soft seating, you can create friendly and comfortable environments in which workers can feel at home.

An office breakout room with collaborative dining tables and chairs

Collaborative Office Furniture

Collaborative spaces are used for group tasks and co-working. As such, they need to be flexible, multifunctional, and cater to a diverse range of requirements. The best of way achieving is through a careful selection of collaborative business office furniture.

A good collaborative workspace should have large working tables, bench desks, and adjustable chairs. Private areas can also be beneficial. Highback sofas are an ideal choice when you need an informal space that provides both acoustic and visual privacy. To find out more, check out our article: ‘How to Create a Collaborative Workspace

A hexagonal office conference table in a spacious boardroom

Reception Furniture

A good first impression is often essential to success. This will help your brand stand out from competitors and set the tone of your business. With this in mind, your choice of reception furniture can make all the difference. Beginning with the reception desk, consider the look, size, and style that suits your business. You can then choose some office soft seating and coffee tables to match.

At BT Office, we offer an impressive collection of stylish and well-priced commercial office desks that are sure to complement your space. This will help you to achieve a professional appearance from the minute someone enters your office. To learn more, read our article: ‘How to Make a Reception Area More Welcoming’.

A contemporary office reception desk with multiple counter heights

Office Storage

Every workplace needs a range of office storage. This is essential for keeping the office organised and tidy, whether storing paperwork, equipment, or anything else your employees use on a regular or irregular basis. Choosing the right storage facilities to go alongside your commercial office furniture can increase productivity within the workspace. Find out more in our article: ‘Organise Yours Workspace With These Office Storage Solutions.

A colourful and stylish office storage wall

BT Office Furniture

If you are looking to transform your current office and create something inspiring, BT Office Furniture is here to help you. As commercial office furniture suppliers, we stock a wide range of business office furniture. We also offer office furniture fit-outs and office space planningContact us today for more details.